Sunday 20 January 2013

On a second opinion: ACE Neogence Revitalizing Eye Serum Review

Another review yo~! My hands are itching to write. Writing reviews can be such an addictive yet healthy hobby. Ok, probably I should put this rambling aside before I bore you. I'll get straight to the review part_today, I'm doing a re-review of the ACE Neogence Revitalizing Eye Serum.

Last year, I made a quick review about it together with other products from the Ace Neogence Revitalizing and Renewing mini set I purchased and rated it poorly.

Previously, I mentioned it has a gooey texture and because of that, leaks out every time I open the cap. That was the main reason why I disliked using the serum. However, last year I got a free non-sample size tube of the same serum and realized the larger tube has a better consistency and isn't leaky at all.

Kinda makes me think they diluted the serum for the mini set... Conspiracy to save cost?           (╯`□′)╯ ┴—┴  But oh well, the mini set was affordable after all.

Anyway, you can make out the difference from the comparison below.

left: gooey, leaky gel from the mini set(photo from previous blog post) and right: from the new tube of serum

Such huge difference rite! And yes, I'm very sure they're the same product. But heck no, I didn't make this post specifically to complain about the difference lah.

Fortunately for the brand, the serum does live up to some points it promises_with a lil' something extra which I'll get to it later.

Firstly, as mentioned in my previous post, the serum does helps brightens up and get rids of dark circles though it takes a couple of days for noticeable results. I use this serum twice a day and it took 2-3 days to ease off the dark circles_longer when I have really bad ones.

Another obvious result from persistent regime would be the reduction of fine lines beneath the eyes though I don't find them doing much for me. Same goes to the 'enhancing skin elasticity' and 'easing dryness'_at this age, thankfully, these haven't been the least of my concerns yet.

Besides all the functions mentioned on the tube, it 'fails' to mention that the serum does do wonders to your lashes! That's right_eyelashes~! My bottom eyelashes seem to grow longer and thicker every time I apply the serum. Also, my inner, bottom corner of the eyes tend to be always 'bare' but these days I noticed some hair are starting to grow. Amazing, I know right. I'm not sure if it does the same to the upper lashes but I didn't take much notice of them LOL.

Not sure if it's just me but it's the only extra eye serum I've included in my recent daily beauty regime ( ´ ▽ ` )

Anyone else who's tried the serum out notice a difference in their lashes?

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