Friday 7 December 2012

Review: SilkyGirl's Perfect Cover Concealer

This time I'm writing a review about some of the stuff in mah makeup bag v(^v^,) Here's my SilkyGirl's Perfect Cover concealer~!

Silky Girl Perfect Cover Concealer 

Silky Girl Perfect Cover Concealer

Silky Girl's one of the most local brand with really affordable yet with satisfactory quality cosmetics in Malaysia. What attracted me to get this concealer's how it comes in a small twist tube(besides affordability). So convenient! Plus, for only RM14.90, you don't have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket.

Silky Girl's Perfect Cover Concealer 

twist tube concealer~ how convenient!

This concealer is available in 2 shades_01 Light and 02 Medium. I got mine in 02 Medium shade 'cuz I find the first shade way-y too light for my skin tone and fear it made the troubled spots looked obvious instead of concealing them...


2 shades available~

Here's the swatch for 02 Medium on my hand. It's looks quite light on my skin here but I find it just perfect~! The texture's creamy sort and glides effortlessly when applying. It easily blends into the skin too with just a couple gentle patting.

swatch on my hand! 
swatch on my hand!

OK, so the verdict? This concealer's totally worth the price~! It works really well in covering up uneven skin tone such as dark circles and actually covered up some small pores too. Well not entirely, but works good enough to. What's more, it lasted for a good couple of hours.

On the downside, this concealer doesn't do much in concealing pimples but simply reducing the redness of the pimple.

I read a couple of other reviews and found that some who tried this concealer found noticeable tiny lil' 'dots' appearing on their skin after putting it on. I'm guessing it's because of the concealer drying up and clumping up together. As for me, I've don't have such problem maybe 'cuz I've got a combination skin type so the concealer doesn't dries up on my skin.

Overall, I must say, I'm pretty satisfied with this buy. I don't see any need to get a replacement any soon, this concealer's pretty lasting. But I would actually buy it again 'cuz it's just so convenient. On days when I'm too lazy to put on foundation_and when I need to look good, fast_ I'll just simply go with this on my entire face(≥vO)


  1. Looks like a good one..will try to find it once I am done with my MAC concealer!!

  2. Surely MAC is wayy better in terms of quality, but yeah, it's really worth a try, if you don't have dry skin (^ᴗ^)

    Me on the other hand, would really like to try MAC's twist tube concealer. I am actually planning to get my hands on it sometime after I've used up my concealers.

    And thank you for taking your time to read my blog & leave a comment. Truly appreciate thatv(^v^)v

  3. how abt the price???

  4. Hi Nani. If I remember correctly, it's less than RM15-RM17? I got mine about RM12-ish after discount on sales (>vO)


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