Tuesday 11 December 2012

Recent hauls~!

Another random post on my hauls. Went shopping recently and bought a couple of tops~! Added more colors into my wardrobe yayyyy~(≥v≤/)

this month's hauls (^ᴗ^人)♥

Just started wearing mah flip flops and realized it's too striking. Hahaha.

As usual, got myself ViVi and Ray magazines. Love this month's covers for both mags, they're so pretty!!
ViVi&Ray English December '12 Issue 
mah favorite mags~ ♥

Ever since ViVi M'sia was launched in June 2012, I've been religiously purchasing them both every month. I've only found out about Ray English later the same month but it has been my favorite. Ray's got more girlish and colorful coordinates, which have been a great inspiration for my gal wardrobe. But I love them both le. So much that I've given up on purchasing other local mags which mostly features tons of advertisements:/

Have you bought ViVi or Ray mag? Are you a ViVi gal or Ray gal? Or both? (,^v^,)

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