Thursday, 17 October 2019

Review: Glow up with HadaLabo's Kouji Treatment Essence

This is probably one of the higher end range among Hada Labo's skin care products, the Hada Labo Kouji range. This 110ml bottle retails at RM120 but of course, I grab it during promo. Shopping in Malaysia be like sales 365 days a year, no kidding! Still a fan of this brand after all this years! I'm amazed how beauty brands are coming up with so many range for a dozen purposes. I have no idea how long have this been available in the market, last I checked they launched the lifting+firming and the blemish control range. Feeling so outdated! Yet at the same time, I have always been contented with my usual Innisfree or Had Labo toners to want to experiment on new ones.

What caught my attention was the minimal packaging, simple but cute bottle design but the highlight is definitely the main ingredient called "Kouji". It does smell like washed rice water with hint of sake that I'm liking!

Having been a regular with Hada Labo's toners, I was assuming it will take me 4-5 months to empty this bottle. But, guess what. I'm barely a month into using it and I'm halfway through! I'm trying to pump more gently lolwut. The difference with the regular toner bottle is the pump dispenser that as you can guess, doesn't do much ...

Still, I love how it is making my pores smaller and it's noticeable in just a few days of adding this into my beauty routine. I reckon it gives almost similar result when I tried SK-II minus being overly drying. According to my gal pal, beauty products with alcohol tends to be drying but I haven't had issues with this one. Note that I've got combination skin _ proof how applying tea tree oil doesn't give me flaky, dry skin.

 As I'm aging (lol!), I do hope that I can still maintain a firm skin and hopefully it will be two decades before the lines start showing! Speaking of aging, I just celebrated my birthday and my sis got me a cute pampering kit, the roller I had secretly wished to have but been delaying in purchasing them. So when I got it, I was happy. Only after I found out it was from her hahahaha

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil Review

Finally, finally bought the Thursday's Plantation Rosehip Oil I've been eyeing about a month ago. I have been wanting to try this for the longest time but had been told by a beautician that oil isn't the best thing to use especially when you have oily to combination skin. So it came as a surprise when Thursday Plantation market this as "suitable for all skin type". Well now I got permission to use, yay! Plus, I got it on discount for RM70.96 instead of the usual RM83.49 for the 25ml bottle. This is like 2.5x the price of Thursday's Plantation Green Tea Oil of the same size. Btw, I mentioned in one of my last reviews that I find the 100% tea tree oil works better for me than acne products with only a small percentage of tea tree oil so of course I had high expectations on this.

According to the packaging, "Thursday Plantation Certified Organic Rosehip Oil helps to restore radiant and healthy looking skin. Naturally rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin A and antioxidants, Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil helps to:

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles,
Restore a radiant complexion
Protect the skin from the signs of premature aging
Replenish the skin moisture after sun exposure
Improve the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone"

First impression was not the best because when I opened the bottle, I found some gooeys sticking at the side of the bottle which implied that the oil was not stored correctly or have been left for long, which I cannot tell... Then there aren't soothing scent nor the color of the oil looks like used cooking oil! 

I experimented a drop on my hand and was very turned off when I find it oily_ seriously like cooking oil and almost decided against using it. But then I was like heck, I paid RM70++ for this tiny bottle might as well put it to use. Surprisingly, it turned out a-okay when I applied onto my face. The liquid is quite viscous unlike the tea tree oil so I dabbed on troubled area before patting them in. They absorb pretty well and do not leave greasy aftermath like what you get from applying certain brands of sunscreen or lotions.

Before I come to this sharing my findings, just so you know I have been using this oil for about 2 months by now. Result-wise, I have not seen anything noticeable which is quite a let down. I have some dark spots on my skin resulted from work-stress acnes and they didn't seem to improve at all! I also noticed that applying on my oily t-zone is a complete no-no because I would end up having tiny oil bumps (don't know if there's a name for it) the following day. Thankfully, they do not last long but that weirded me out..

This bottle of rosehip oil is holding up quite well (too well, it's ridiculous!), it looked closed to brand new despite using 2-3 drops every night. At this point, I'm just using this for the sake of emptying it. Definitely don't see myself repurchasing, perhaps I'd consider another brand but I rather try something else.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Kinohimitsu Superfood for Lady Review

Feeling experimental as usual! Decided on Kinohimitsu's Superfood because I noticed my diet has been very unbalanced of late! Mostly because of work which meant I spend 15-30 minutes swallowing my lunch before I am back in my cubicle being a keyboard warrior or racking my brain. Other times, I resort to just having pastries for lunch! Might sound terrible but I actually like bread LOL. Problem is, they're not the most nutritious food ever... all the carbs! Doesn't help my breakfast is a muffin which also translates to carbs.

While I do not buy 'health food' like these, I do try to include nutritious foodstuff into my usual diet by incorporating fruits, salads and Japanese sweet potatoes 'cuz they're so yummy! The main reason is I wanted to at least have nutritious food without having to spend time in the kitchen or go grocery shopping. Like heck, I can't even blog as often these days...

Of course there are many brands which offer similar products but I am usually very much confident with Japanese brands *shrug*

Kinohimitsu carries several Superfood range, the one I bought is called Superfood Lady but they too have Superfood Supreme, Superfood (original perhaps?) and Superfood Kids, walao! I bought mine at RM72.99, normal price at RM84.81 but I have spotted them on 30% discount at Aeon Wellness just this week.

I was deciding between the three (obviously, the kids' one is not an option) but decided the pink color looks more appetizing hahaha. Aside from the color, it does have interesting nutrients mixtures, more berries which I love!

 I have since emptied my first can and am reconsidering to reintroduce it as breakfast after several weeks of converting to Mighty White's tuna and ikan bilis bun for breakfast (they're really good!)

Preparing this is simple, just add two spoonful (measuring spoon comes with the can) of the powder and add cold water. I added one-fifth of warm water (after the cold one) because I prefer it lukewarm. This one cup is enough to keep me filled until just lunchtime.

Just so you know, this is is NOT a weight-loss or detox drink_ I read from other blogs it doesn't work that way. Even I didn't notice a change in my weight during the period I consumed this. If you are looking for something for this purpose, you can check out other Kinohimitsu's products. Just saying 'cause I know they do carry these, cannot guarantee they work because I haven't try any myself.

To conclude, this is a great addition as breakfast, brunch or tea time if you are conscious about your nutrients intake without needing the hassle of preparing a wholesome diet. Just a lazy but nutritious food for people busy adultinglah LOL

Sunday, 19 May 2019

[Sponsored] Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser Review

Hoola y'all~! I'm back with sharing yet another amazing skincare product, Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser, the very brainchild of Cecil Beh. While the product is sponsored by Kiseki, which translates to "miracle", before I review I made sure to test it so I can share my honest opinion with you as always (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) I'm a sucker for any beauty products made in Japan because they work and Kiseki didn't disappoint (Will get to that real soon)! My first impression is that the soap smells super good, the parcel arrived smelling as though someone purposely spray perfume in the bag hahaha!

Contents in the box_ Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanse & a foaming net

Another thing I find cool is because the soap is transparent!! Like, how did they make this?!

I love how they decide to make the facial wash into a bar soap. If you have read my recent posts, you find me advocating and transitioning to a greener, sustainable lifestyle. That means trying to reduce waste and soap bars are one way to do that since there are less plastic waste!

The key ingredient is the Marine Fish Collagen dubbed the fountain of youth. I find this interesting because I have yet to come across any skincare products that utilizes collagens from fish scales. I have read that usually collagen in beauty products aren't really collagen but nature-derived such as peptides or kinetin that stimulates the skin to produce their own collagen. You can imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to try it.

Another ingredient in the soap I find interesting is the use of Royal Jelly. You may have came across beauty products with propolis or simply, honey in their ingredients. I'm a BIG FAN of any beauty products with Royal Jelly, they do wonders to your skin! They keep your skin super hydrated, contains anti-oxidant & anti-aging properties and boost skin healing! Heck, I even have a hair treatment made of honey and it's my absolute favorite!

For the more ingredients-conscious beauty product fans, you'd be happy to know this soap is Parabens-free and only uses natural ingredients such as fish scales, 10 different types of rare herbs & flowers extract. 

How to use?
Step 1: To use the foam net provided to create creamy foams.
Step 2: Wash face in upward and outward circular motion.
Step 3: Rinse with lukewarm water and pat dry with a clean towel.

Finally, finish off with your usual skincare products. I was informed to avoid using oil control products and instead use other nourishing or moisturizing skincare products as this soap is supposed to thoroughly cleanse your face for better absorption rate of your skincare. Therefore, during the period I was experimenting with this soap, I skipped my tea tree oil routine but still apply my lotion, moisturizer and serum.

The foam net that comes together with the soap does an amazing job in creating the creamy foams. You don't need to use to a lot water! I didn't know that on my first try which resulted in so much foam even after washing my neck I still have so much left LOL! Super love the foam net, think this is genius and can work to replace cleanser plastic bottles with those foam-making pumps (Yeap, I'm all about sustainability these days!) Plus, it doubles up as a soap hanging storage when not in use.

My verdict? Indeed my face feels super clean and refreshed after washing! Just so you know, I have combination skin so by the end of the day, my T-zone usually gets very oily so the soap really helps to strip whatever all the oil and dirt off my face while keeping the skin moisturized. In fact, the fresh feeling lasted for many hours I even find myself waking up to less oily skin and smaller pores! This without even having to resort to using the Innisfree's Blackhead Goodbye Finger Tip Silicon.
On top of that, of late I am very obsessed with scents especially natural oils and certain perfumes because I find them soothing especially after a hectic day at work. So getting to use this sweet-scented cleanser feels great and make me happy HAHAHA! It's true!

In my opinion, Kiseki Japan Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser is definitely on the pricier end but befitting of the premium ingredients they have use to make the soap. Not to mention the Japan technology that went into making the soap! If you're interested to give this a try, I am happy to share that you can purchase this amazing soap for RM119 (Usual Retail Price at RM139)! Simply use the promo code below when checking out your orders.


Do note that the promo code is valid until the 19th June 2019, so GRAB THIS OPPORTUNITY! More about Kiseki Japan's Marine Collagen Facial Cleanser on their Official Webpage. Definitely share your experience when you have tried this, I would love to hear from you!

Saturday, 4 May 2019

Meditree & Thursday Plantation's 100% Pure Tea Tree Oil Review

Every now and then I happen to find beauty products that work for me. It all started when I had one of the worse breakout recently. Don't know whether it is work stress, putting up late nights or just the expired facial masks I used but one day I got this hideous acne. The kind that is huge, filled with blood and puss FML. Off I head to the acne products aisle. I knew for sure creams do not work so I chose the 100% pure tea tree oil. There were not many choices available so I simply closed an eye and chose one, no kidding. I shared two brands but Meditree's Pure Australian Botanical Tea Tree Oil, retailing at RM30 for 10ml was my first pick.

The super unnecessary packaging that's double the product size

It took me a few days of religious applications to reduce the size of the acne. For the first few days I applied multiple times a day in hope to dry off the skin around the acne. Since the zit was so huge, it took a while before the anti-bacterial properties of the tea tree oil to get inside the acne to kill off whatever germs that was contributing to it. Since the zit is so close to my eyes, the tea tree oil stings my eyes even when I apply just little amount. After several layers of peel off skin exposes some pore and bleed the puss and blood out only did the acne reduced in size. I also try to 'push' out the blood gently so as not to leave a scar. Too many scars already! At this point, I am considering to go for another laser treatment *sigh*

Other noticeable observation is that the tea tree oil somewhat helped in controlling my combination skin_ my face is less oily by the end of the day. For the same reason, the tea tree oil doesn't dries up my skin too much but sometimes though, I do have flakes on skin around the drier part of my chin and forehead.

I also found I have much noticeable longer eyelashes. My eyelashes were rather short and especially the bottom lashes are unevenly distributed if not bald. The past few weeks however, they've appeared longer (some up to 0.5mm!). I'm loving the result, it looks like I put on some fake lower lashes HAHAHA! I look up online and found that "tea tree oil has proven natural antifungal and antibacterial properties that help in maintaining a clean, healthy scalp and strong, healthy hair follicles" which explains. Maybe if you have balding issue, can try some homemade hair remedy with the oil and other ingredients. Tell me if it works!

Thursday Plantation's 100% Pure Tea Tree oil was the other brand I bought after my Meditree's were used up (in less than a month!). I thought since they're both 100% pure tea tree oil, they should have the same function and result. Besides, Thursday Plantation was the only option available in 25ml for RM56.50 (RM49.90 in Aeon Wellness during sale). The 10ml one retails at RM39.19 (RM34.29 in Aeon Wellness during sale). Similar to Meditree, this too has the minty feel. However, there is a much woody, earthy scent (like all the weird men's cologne or wood-y scented candles) to this brand which took a while for me to get use. I still quite dislike it compare to the sweeter scent of Meditree's tea tree oil.

Conclusion, these stuff works and I'm loving it! It does take effort and several days for the result to show so my advice is to apply often on affected areas. Now that I have gotten my pimples under control, I am planning to include this into my routine but only during the night. While browsing, I noticed rosehip oil which claims to be suitable for all skin type. I have been interested in trying that out but have been advised against using it by beauty consultants due to my troubled skin type. So I have some doubts about spending RM50 for the small bottle! Well if I tried, you'd most probably see a post about it.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

my green journey

malaysia cloth sanitary pads, safety blades, soap bar

My transition to green & sustainable lifestyle is slow but gradual. I have been trying to use what I own before restocking new toiletries or body care products. The first thing I wanted to reduce was the use of disposable sanitary pads and I dedicated a lengthy blog post to tell you why you too should try cloth sanitary pads and where you can get them in Malaysia. As of now, I have not converted 100% because I still have some disposable ones. Plus, I am still worried about leakage especially when wearing cloth sanitary pads during the day. I can vouch I love them so far!

Malaysia cloth sanitary pads

The other thing I bought was this safety blades. I have heard of them and found there were a number of overseas sites selling really atas shaving razor but they do not come cheap! About RM200 for the holder and about RM50 for a set of replacement blades. They probably cater for more comfort and safety especially since the dudes need to shave their face.

I got mine when a vintage-themed store called 'Childhood' which specializes in selling vintage Malaysian snacks, toys, miscellaneous products (even rotan!) had a pop up store in KL. Don't quite remember the price but both the razor holder and a set of 6 blades cost less than RM20.

The safety blade box comes together with a mini mirror which is really cute but I don't have any use for LOL. So far I have been using it for a few months and the blades are still super sharp. They're definitely sharper than those plastic razors that usually also have a protective strips with lubricants for easy shaving and soothing the skin. I have accidentally cut myself (it didn't hurt) but otherwise, I have no problem using this shaver for my legs and underarms. Apparently the blades are rust proof but I still want to be safe and store it out of the washroom.

One discovery was this thing call loofahs. I first heard of it from a friend who suggested loofah compare to sponges which seem to have a short lifespan in my house with so many people using them! Before I found out you can find this dried gourds online and in some specialty sustainable lifestyle shops which has been mushrooming around KL, my friend had to get it from his hometown. They're super worth it! For just less than RM10, you get a long loofah which you can cut depending on the length you need and that can last for months! While they do trap some food, they're easily cleaned and do not smell with prolonged usage. Just for hygiene purpose, I hang them on the window panes so they get sun-ned just to kill some germs hahaha

I did found loofahs in the toiletries section of Aeon but I don't know if they're chemically processed to maintain the shape and remain hard but mine is holding the shape real well! Works amazing in the bath though I wished they have a version with handle because I cannot reach the back properly...

As part of this whole green lifestyle, I decided to convert back to using soap bars which uses less packaging. I am super tempted to get those artisan soaps bars but they're much more pricey, about RM20-ish! There are more economical ones but I am too lazy to go all the way out just to shop for soaps. I have been relying on off-the-shelf brands in Aeon like Dove (under RM4 per bar) and I recently found Ecostore available in Aeon Wellness for RM10.90 for the 80g bar. It's lemongrass scented and I'm crazy eager to use it because it smells so good, almost yummy! Obsessing over scents like this or citrusy ones these days, they make me feel happy #allthelittlethings

Also from Aeon Wellness, I got this for about RM10 because everything about it caught my attention. Later I regretted my purchase. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE how the toothbrush and packaging are made of recycled materials. Totally supporting the idea! Unfortunately there is still lack-to-none recycling programs here in Malaysia, except for Penang (Penang rocks!) which meant after I am done with this, it will end up in the landfill FML So I guess for now I don't have an option but to order my bamboo toothbrushes online.

Saturday, 20 April 2019

cloth sanitary pads: how women can make a difference and rule the world!

Malaysia homemade cloth sanitary pads

Yeah I'm like airing my pretty underwears (cloth sanitary pads, really) for the world to see WTF.

Early March I finally, finally tried CLOTH SANITARY PADS. Been wanting to do this mostly for environmental reasons and gearing towards a more sustainable lifestyle. If you're more adventurous, feel free to try vagina cups which require a bit more technique to use but definitely with benefits compare to tampons. You risk Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) due to bacteria build ups if tampons are not change frequently! I don't feel comfortable inserting things up my vajayjay so nope, I'll pass for now!

Anyways, this post focuses mainly on cloth sanitary pads, so moving on! I have been holding back on getting these pads mostly because I thought I'll have to get them overseas and they're usually pricier at RM60-80 or more each and that is without the delivery fees yet!! Then I remembered of course there's Instagram shop these days and true enough, with a quick search I found By WiWin, a local cloth pad maker selling at more affordable price range between RM25-RM35 where I got all these pads from. I later found out there are more local cloth pad makers on Facebook! You can also get the cloth pads on Lazada or Shopee but a friend who has bought them showed them to me and I find them unusually bulky and fabric seems uncomfy so doubt I will get any from these platforms.

My total haul cost me RM219.30 for 8 pieces of cloth sanitary pads ranging from 9" to 12", with the cost of 2 separate deliveries included. Obviously, the shorter ones were meant for lighter days at the end of the cycle while the longer ones for the heavy first few days. Yes, it is going to cost you a lot to get your starter pack but cheaper on a long haul and with lower pollution to environment. With proper care (I will get to that soon!) and depending on how frequent you use them in a cycle, these cloth sanitary pads may have longer lifespan. From the seller's IG, some of her customers have remarked the pads could last up to 4 years! That'll worth your wallet! Perhaps, I should have a follow up post in 2 years to share the conditions of my pads then.

I did bought several pads on 20% off, those are the ones listed as 'defects' due to "un-neat sewings" but they can be barely noticeable. Actually I haven't figure out where the defects were, I guess I can be quite cincai (unobservant)... Wasn't trying to be cheap but that don't bother me because I know I probably will buy more if I spot any pretty designs online *grin*

My first impression when receiving the pads were how cute the fabric pattern is and how fluffy the minky, backing layer is. I thought the minky felt warm to the touch but it feels comfy when you put it on without the warm feel. The fluffy part there is minky. I appreciate the different colors but love the lavendar and blue/turquoise tons better, they make me feel calm

The other colors, not so... *sigh*

When I told my friend about it, she went, no one will see (then agreed some colors are actually weird)! I retorted, I will see it and so I don't feel fun about it. I actually prefer if they're all just come in nude, pastel pink or purple or blue, nothing else. Maybe if you want to order you can specify which shade you prefer to WiWin. Moving on!

To bring them around you can fold them and snap them in place with the snap buttons. That way, they're just like carrying disposable pads. When travelling, you can stuff them all together in a makeup bag and have another smaller, waterproof wet bag that fits 1-2 pads in case you need to change them during the day. You can find lots of pretty waterproof pouches these days from Kaison or Daiso.

To demonstrate how to fold it, simply fold the lengths one over the other and snap the buttons on top of them. For the 12" one, you can choose to fold it once which is easier to snap in place but the pad will be longer compared to the others. Otherwise, you can decide to fold once or twice, this will make the pad bulkier to snap the button close but will fit nicely into shorter pouches or wet bags.


on my first time trying 
cloth sanitary pad

So far I have only used the 11" ones, they were the ones I first got to experiment on. I wore them on only at night because I wasn't sure how well the pads can absorb the blood. Definitely didn't want a mess during the day! I am also still quite reluctant to have to change at work because that meant having to carry a bloody pad in my bag unless I am super sure they are absorbent enough to last me throughout the day. So far no problem throughout the night but I will have to try during the weekends first.

Surprisingly, despite using on my heavy nights there were no leaks. In fact, when I checked the following morning, instead of having blood covering most of the pads like on those disposable ones, there was only little blood. Only when rinsing, I could see there was actually more blood coming off. At this point, I cannot be sure if its because my period was lighter the past cycle or the pad is just being amazingly absorbent. More trials needed before I can be truly sure!

The other good thing with cloth pads are while you'd know it's there, you won't feel overly conscious about it. Compare with the thinnest disposable pads I've tried, these definitely feel less bulky and rigid. You girls know sometimes when disposable pads 'fold' and that can be uncomfortable, you don't get it with the gentle cloth pads. Besides that, I do not experience the pads shifting even though I'm pretty sure I toss and turn a lot at night.

How I wash the pads:

#1 Rinse with running water. I read a blogger suggesting to throw on floor and step the blood off while you're bathing, great idea! Can save water :)

#2 Scrub the pads lightly to remove the drier blood. Will happen especially if you wear throughout the night so no biggie! By now it's practically stain free

#3 Squeeze dry and chuck into bucket until next laundry day

Sometimes, if I left the pads for 2-3 days I will soak for 20-30 minutes in a bucket with detergent before chucking them together with my other laundry. Other things you wanna take note while washing the pads as advised by WiWin

One most common questions I got from my friends are how sanitary are reusable pads? IMO the best way to 'disinfect' the pads is to hang your laundry under natural sunlight! No thanks to global warming we all play a stupid part in, you know what's it like to have heat wave and temperatures hitting over 30 degrees Celcius the past weeks! It's laundry field day but no fun! Some things to note include AVOID dryer or boiling the pads as these will destroy the leak proof layer in the pads. Other than that, avoid softeners, bleach or brushing the pads with hard brushes.



By the topic of reusable sanitary pads and blood, I bet you people start cringing already, maybe from the start of the post LOL. I know because when I shared this with my friends, 6 reacted exactly that way, 3 are open to trying or showed interest in getting to know more, only my bff was the most accepting of them all while one friend has tried cloth liners from Lazada.

A very common perception is that period blood is dirty. I think this traditional mindset was passed down by older generation when no proper sanitary products or they were too pricey and uncommon. This forces women to use other alternatives that may 1) not be the most sanitary or absorbent, 2) uncomfortable, 3) just a super messy affair that brings personal shame or 4) all of the points mentioned to the point they could not leave home! 

I even read some people had to give up tertiary education back in the days because they couldn't afford menstrual products! Even today in rural India women are forced to live in makeshift hut, many of which are unsafe or lack the comfort of a home, as they are regarded impure or 'dirty'. Literally they're banished for menstruating, ridiculous! If us ladies go ewwww, reiterates how period is dirty and unable to accept our own bodies (and bodily discharges aka period blood), how are we going to convince the guys to be open and respectful about the topic?

On top of that, lack of education or awareness of the sexual reproductive organs and Aunt Flo may be another factor. Even today, sadly, menstruation nevermind sex ed is considered a shameful subject at school. While we do have a chapter covering the human reproductive organs, the syllabus have been diluted over the years when the syllabus keeps switching from being taught in English and Bahasa Melayu. I don't remember them covering topics like menstruation cycle, sex or pregnancy during my schooling year and I am unsure what is it like now.

The great thing with the Internet these days is that it is a great learning platform. You can start teaching your children about periods and things like that. These are some I found on Instagram!

Cloth pads have come a long way. We now have super absorbent fabric and sanitizing or laundry detergents available. They don't cause discomfort nor is anything to be ashamed of. Will it need to take hitting the big 3-0 for women to finally accept and appreciate menstruation? Or worse, until menopause hits. Facts, our monthly cycle actually slows aging!


The Reasons to Choose 
Cloth Sanitary Pads:

#1 You have high appreciation for aesthetic values ahem and want pretty, pretty pads without needing to sacrifice comfort

#2 You want to save money on a long run. Not applicable if you keep eyeing to add more pretty cloth pads every now and then.

#3 You want comfort for your vajayjay. Cloth pads are more breathable.  Some say the ventilation helps prevent less cramps, but I cannot guarantee. For one, I do light exercise everyday and very rarely experience period cramps or discomfort. Exercise works wonders! Share your opinion if you've tried cloth sanitary pads and do find they help reduce period cramps!

#4 Lesser exposure to toxic chemicals in disposable pads. 

#5 Lower your risk to Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) This is especially true for tampons users.

#6 You want to play a part in saving the environment, this is the main reason I converted. If I agak agak, I use about 15-20 pads per cycle and started my period when I was 11. Assuming I won't hit menopause until I'm 50, it will be 7,020-9,360 pads in my lifetime! Though the Internet states a higher number between 12,000-16,000, ALL going to the landfill and not able to decompose for 500 years!

Some may argue that we should be targeting to reduce the use of plastic straws, bottles and packaging. Why go all the way out with cloth sanitary pads? Unfortunately with the scale of damaged we are doing to the environment in such a short period (Read The Guardian's article and The Washington Post's article about Earth's possible 6th mass extinction cause and accelerated by us humans), we cannot tackle just a single object like plastic straws, as Nas from Nas Daily calls this "Selective Empathy". If possible, this needs to be done on a large scale and very quickly.

The Plastic Straw Dilemma (Selective Empathy) by Nas Daily

To sum it up, we have done so much damage to the environment. I am not saying women are sole contributors but we did contribute (monthly!). Women also have the capability to help mother nature in little ways but with huge impacts. So tell everyone that #PeriodIsPretty and join the #PeriodMovement for better period awareness!

Saturday, 30 March 2019

The Complete Guide on Where to Thrifts Shop in Klang Valley #ThriftingInMalaysia

Recently, out of sheer determination and some desperation to zero out clutter (mostly clothes), I made an effort to look up places I can get rid of my things. During the process, I discovered that thrift stores actually exists in Malaysia. I have obviously been living under the rock! You probably may have come across several of my posts about these places but if you haven't here is the summary of them all plus the links to the respective blog posts mentioned earlier.

Coming to the where question, here are the list of places I discovered you can thrift shop besides selling or donating your pre-loved, some provide platforms or apps you can even use to sell your stuff! The first two are exactly the platform I have been using for a while now.

I think this is the biggest go-to site for pre-loved lovers in Malaysia! Not only you can sell or purchase apparels, there are tons of products ranging from electronics and even furnitures! Some users are even open to swapping items but the decisions lie with you.

#2 Jalan Jalan Japan

Someone mentioned this place and when I heard most stuff are from Japan, that piqued my interest. In fact, I have an entire post dedicated for Jalan Jalan Japan

Facebook: @JalanJapanJapan.Malaysia
Instagram: @JalanJalanJapanMY

Sky Park @ One City
Level 1A (Block A),
47650, Jalan USJ 25/1A,
One City, 47100 Subang Jaya, Selangor
Daily (10AM - 10PM)

#3 Bazaars at The Curve

I cannot be sure if the bazaars are available on weekdays since it isn't my usual rendezvous. A lot of their clothes are of larger sizes so nothing for me! The clothings look worn but I'm sure you can find some gems with a bit effort. They're the smaller version of Jalan Jalan Japan but only limited to apparels and some kimono cardigans which can look really chic.

#4 ReFash

ReFash is one of the better places to hunt for gems. For one, you can find branded pre-loved in better conditions for a bargain! I have dedicated a post about my experience with ReFash.

Facebook: @ReFashMY
Instagram: @ReFashMY

Sungei Wang Plaza
Jalan Sultan Ismail,
Bukit Bintang, 55100
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Monday - Thursday & Sunday (11am - 9pm)
& Friday & Saturday (11am - 10pm)

KL Gateway Mall,
Lot UG11/12, 2 Jalan Kerinchi,
Bangsar South,
59200 Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
Monday - Sunday (11am - 9pm)

#5 Kedai Bless 

While I have been shopping at One Utama for years, I only just discovered it recently! The store is a floor down using the escalator beside Old Navy (opposite Fossil / the Body Shop / Chaps). You can also find other branches at several hot shopping malls including as Mid Valley and Citta Mall. Check out more about Kedai Bless in my blog post.

Facebook: @BlessShopSIBKL

Midvalley Megamall
Unit CP-01,
Level P1 Center Court Midvalley Megamall,
59200 Kuala Lumpur 
Daily (10AM - 10PM)

One Utama
LG126 (one floor down from The Body Shop),
Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. 
Daily (10AM - 10PM)


The next few thrift stores are places I have came across online but have yet to visit. In case you're living nearby, feel free to check then out.

#6 SellEZ@Oval Damansara

Klang Valley has lots of little malls and this is just one of them. Just learnt recently it is accessible via the Petaling Jaya free bus, PJ06 you can board at One Utama. SellEZ mostly carry preloved Zara apparels so it may be worth the trip!

Facebook: @SellEZOfficial
Instagram: @SellEZOfficial

The Oval Damansara
Unit 6, Level 1, Oval,
685, Jalan Damansara,
60000 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
Monday to Friday (9am - 5pm)

#7 Bargain Basement @IOI Mall, Puchong

Facebook: @BargainBasementIOI
Instagram: @BargainBasement_IOI

IOI City Mall
Lot B3-10, ( Basement 3), Putrajaya
(Travelator next to Homepro, two levels below)

IOI Mall
EB2-01, (Basement 2), Puchong
(New wing, escalator near Nandos)

I found they have their version of thrift stores called Kedai Jimat in Penang, Ipoh, Malacca and Kuching.

#9 Vintage Moonriver

Facebook: @VintageMoonriver
Instagram: @Vintage_Moonriver

98, Jalan Dang Wangi,
City Centre, 50100 Kuala Lumpur,
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

#11 Chia's Cotton Chic

Amcorp Mall
Lot 209, Persiaran Barat, PJS 52,
46050 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

#12 Luxury Vintage 

Instagram: @LuxuryVintageKL

No. 114 Jalan Maarof, Bangsar,
59000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Monday – Saturday (10.30am – 06.30pm)

Great Eastern Mall Address
G20, Ground Floor
Great Eastern Mall
Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Monday – Sunday (10.30am – 09.00pm)


Not everyone likes wearing old (or hand-me-downs), my BFF who has been much open to thrifting and have done so when she was working in Europe told me. I don't know how I feel about that yet, I had responded. Now that I own a few thrifted pieces and have been frequenting Kedai Bless and ReFash, I find myself enjoying thrifting. I just love shopping! However, I am particular about the quality of the items I bought since I am expecting myself to wear what I buy and I want to maintain a proper image if the pieces are meanth for work. 

On whether I would thrift my entire wardrobe from now on, I do not think it is possible. For one, sometimes I'm just looking for something specific and I cannot find something I like from these stores alone. At this stage, thrift stores items are still rather limited. Thrifting is also partly luck and partly effort. Thrifting can be a great place especially if you are experimenting in styles or pieces you do not wear very often and would not want to invest so much on.

For you girls and guys who are new to the concept of thrifting, hopefully you'll discover a new passion. If buying pre-loved items is still not your thing, you can simply contribute by donating your unworn, no longer used apparels to either the places listed above. Everyone can play their role 

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