Thursday, 11 November 2021

More October hauls!


I wasn't expecting to shop so soon but then I ended up getting a few more stuff! 

The weather was getting very hot in October so I bought some ice moulds thinking I could make aesthetic (woops!) drinks with them. Besides that, I took into consideration on other stuff like how the square ice moulds would be great to freeze some ingredients which couldn't last long. Considering I have been cooking more and starting to learn how to store my foodstuff so that they won't go to waste. 

But *smack head* just when my ice moulds arrive, the weather did a 180 degrees and I didn't have excuse to make ice cold drinks on such cold days... Even my ice cream bucket was left untouched for many days before I'm just like whatever brain freeze, brain freezelah

Together with those, I bought a few things I have been considering for awhile. With exception for the foldable mobile holder which was a splurge hahaha. Turned out to be so versatile and I like it a lot!!

 None of these are sponsored items but the links below are affiliate links. Appreciate the support if you use them (*^-゜)v

1. Cubes ice cube silicone mould  ShopeeMY

2. Sphere ice cube silicone mould  ShopeeMY

3. Silicone cable ties  ShopeeMY

4. Juice Cup portable blender ShopeeMY

5. SuperDry Capri  ZaloraMY

6. Boya BY-M1 Lavalier Microphone  ShopeeMY

7. Foldable Mobile Phone Holder  ShopeeMY

Thursday, 28 October 2021

EP16 Buying from small biz (Bake It Up, Flavoursome Homemade, Offline Baking Chic)& online groceries


In this video, I'm sharing the specialties from the small F&B online businesses I ordered from and some of my online groceries hauls. I started relying more on online apps to get my groceries as the cases worsened. Thankfully, logistics are much reliable and there are so many options available! This is not a sponsored video.

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