Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil Review

Finally, finally bought the Thursday's Plantation Rosehip Oil I've been eyeing about a month ago. I have been wanting to try this for the longest time but had been told by a beautician that oil isn't the best thing to use especially when you have oily to combination skin. So it came as a surprise when Thursday Plantation market this as "suitable for all skin type". Well now I got permission to use, yay! Plus, I got it on discount for RM70.96 instead of the usual RM83.49 for the 25ml bottle. This is like 2.5x the price of Thursday's Plantation Green Tea Oil of the same size. Btw, I mentioned in one of my last reviews that I find the 100% tea tree oil works better for me than acne products with only a small percentage of tea tree oil so of course I had high expectations on this.

According to the packaging, "Thursday Plantation Certified Organic Rosehip Oil helps to restore radiant and healthy looking skin. Naturally rich in essential fatty acids Omega 3, 6 and 9, Vitamin A and antioxidants, Thursday Plantation Rosehip Oil helps to:

Smooth fine lines and wrinkles,
Restore a radiant complexion
Protect the skin from the signs of premature aging
Replenish the skin moisture after sun exposure
Improve the appearance of pigmentation and uneven skin tone"

First impression was not the best because when I opened the bottle, I found some gooeys sticking at the side of the bottle which implied that the oil was not stored correctly or have been left for long, which I cannot tell... Then there aren't soothing scent nor the color of the oil looks like used cooking oil! 

I experimented a drop on my hand and was very turned off when I find it oily_ seriously like cooking oil and almost decided against using it. But then I was like heck, I paid RM70++ for this tiny bottle might as well put it to use. Surprisingly, it turned out a-okay when I applied onto my face. The liquid is quite viscous unlike the tea tree oil so I dabbed on troubled area before patting them in. They absorb pretty well and do not leave greasy aftermath like what you get from applying certain brands of sunscreen or lotions.

Before I come to this sharing my findings, just so you know I have been using this oil for about 2 months by now. Result-wise, I have not seen anything noticeable which is quite a let down. I have some dark spots on my skin resulted from work-stress acnes and they didn't seem to improve at all! I also noticed that applying on my oily t-zone is a complete no-no because I would end up having tiny oil bumps (don't know if there's a name for it) the following day. Thankfully, they do not last long but that weirded me out..

This bottle of rosehip oil is holding up quite well (too well, it's ridiculous!), it looked closed to brand new despite using 2-3 drops every night. At this point, I'm just using this for the sake of emptying it. Definitely don't see myself repurchasing, perhaps I'd consider another brand but I rather try something else.

Sunday, 22 September 2019

Kinohimitsu Superfood for Lady Review

Feeling experimental as usual! Decided on Kinohimitsu's Superfood because I noticed my diet has been very unbalanced of late! Mostly because of work which meant I spend 15-30 minutes swallowing my lunch before I am back in my cubicle being a keyboard warrior or racking my brain. Other times, I resort to just having pastries for lunch! Might sound terrible but I actually like bread LOL. Problem is, they're not the most nutritious food ever... all the carbs! Doesn't help my breakfast is a muffin which also translates to carbs.

While I do not buy 'health food' like these, I do try to include nutritious foodstuff into my usual diet by incorporating fruits, salads and Japanese sweet potatoes 'cuz they're so yummy! The main reason is I wanted to at least have nutritious food without having to spend time in the kitchen or go grocery shopping. Like heck, I can't even blog as often these days...

Of course there are many brands which offer similar products but I am usually very much confident with Japanese brands *shrug*

Kinohimitsu carries several Superfood range, the one I bought is called Superfood Lady but they too have Superfood Supreme, Superfood (original perhaps?) and Superfood Kids, walao! I bought mine at RM72.99, normal price at RM84.81 but I have spotted them on 30% discount at Aeon Wellness just this week.

I was deciding between the three (obviously, the kids' one is not an option) but decided the pink color looks more appetizing hahaha. Aside from the color, it does have interesting nutrients mixtures, more berries which I love!

 I have since emptied my first can and am reconsidering to reintroduce it as breakfast after several weeks of converting to Mighty White's tuna and ikan bilis bun for breakfast (they're really good!)

Preparing this is simple, just add two spoonful (measuring spoon comes with the can) of the powder and add cold water. I added one-fifth of warm water (after the cold one) because I prefer it lukewarm. This one cup is enough to keep me filled until just lunchtime.

Just so you know, this is is NOT a weight-loss or detox drink_ I read from other blogs it doesn't work that way. Even I didn't notice a change in my weight during the period I consumed this. If you are looking for something for this purpose, you can check out other Kinohimitsu's products. Just saying 'cause I know they do carry these, cannot guarantee they work because I haven't try any myself.

To conclude, this is a great addition as breakfast, brunch or tea time if you are conscious about your nutrients intake without needing the hassle of preparing a wholesome diet. Just a lazy but nutritious food for people busy adultinglah LOL

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