Friday, 12 May 2023

Kuala Lumpur food diaries | More cafes to visit! Come True, 3 Years Old, Staple Dough, oomph & more!


Hi! Here's another food-filled vlog! I compiled all the places I went around Kuala Lumpur in the past month. 

Some of the cafes I tried include Come True Cafe at Eslite Bukit Bintang, 3 Years Old, Staple Dough and oomph. I would say most didn't disappoint. I especially think the refreshing coffee from Come True Cafe (I tried two!) and the super frothy coffee at oomph my absolute favorite! Staple Dough is another which food is omaigawd *chef kiss* (but this place is non-halal yo!) 

Thursday, 27 April 2023

Kuala Lumpur food diaries: a food packed vlog

Hi! Here's a food compilation of the places I went in March & April~ I especially enjoyed the Indian restaurants my friends recommended called Lawanya Food Corner in Bricksfield. It made me realized how many yummy Indian food I've been missing out! I always said I want to try all these places but have barely tried most in my list because there are simply so many places to try.

Took the chance to check out the Bangsar Ramadhan bazaar too. I wanted to check out several bazaars but it didn't work out bc I kept coming down with cold or just some illness 🤧😷 At present I've been coughing for a week or so *sigh*


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