Thursday, 4 August 2022

Malaysia 90s childhood snacks & cakes

 It started with some cravings for the old school buttercream cakes and then peanut cakes. Those were definitely incomparable to the desserts and cakes varieties we have today but somehow just bring back feelings of nostalgia.

I also find myself buying gula ketuk or ting ting candies when I see the uncle selling them at the night market. He doesn't come very often unfortunately and it's rare to find people selling them anymore. This time I got them from CHILDHOOD store in 1Utama but they do have several branches around Kuala Lumpur. Definitely check them out with your friends and older fams. I do think they will enjoy reliving the good ol' days. 

Also featured on this vlog is a pop up store called Happy Dumpy selling local Malaysia inspired merchandise.

Monday, 1 August 2022

balik kampung (again!) vlog


Here's another balik kampung vlog~~

Sharing not just everything I ate but also the interesting places I went this time. Since durians are in season, of course we have to buy them! I brought the fam to Balik Pulau for that. While we were there we visited Saanen Dairy Goat Farm. The place is located at the smaller town in Balik Pulau and surrounded by rambutan & durian trees. I haven't been to a durian orchard in a long time and it's interesting to see how they have so many overhead nets to catch the falling durians. Some durians (IDK how!) are tied with a rope to prevent it from falling when they're ready.

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