Wednesday 1 May 2019

my green journey

malaysia cloth sanitary pads, safety blades, soap bar

My transition to green & sustainable lifestyle is slow but gradual. I have been trying to use what I own before restocking new toiletries or body care products. The first thing I wanted to reduce was the use of disposable sanitary pads and I dedicated a lengthy blog post to tell you why you too should try cloth sanitary pads and where you can get them in Malaysia. As of now, I have not converted 100% because I still have some disposable ones. Plus, I am still worried about leakage especially when wearing cloth sanitary pads during the day. I can vouch I love them so far!

Malaysia cloth sanitary pads

The other thing I bought was this safety blades. I have heard of them and found there were a number of overseas sites selling really atas shaving razor but they do not come cheap! About RM200 for the holder and about RM50 for a set of replacement blades. They probably cater for more comfort and safety especially since the dudes need to shave their face.

I got mine when a vintage-themed store called 'Childhood' which specializes in selling vintage Malaysian snacks, toys, miscellaneous products (even rotan!) had a pop up store in KL. Don't quite remember the price but both the razor holder and a set of 6 blades cost less than RM20.

The safety blade box comes together with a mini mirror which is really cute but I don't have any use for LOL. So far I have been using it for a few months and the blades are still super sharp. They're definitely sharper than those plastic razors that usually also have a protective strips with lubricants for easy shaving and soothing the skin. I have accidentally cut myself (it didn't hurt) but otherwise, I have no problem using this shaver for my legs and underarms. Apparently the blades are rust proof but I still want to be safe and store it out of the washroom.

One discovery was this thing call loofahs. I first heard of it from a friend who suggested loofah compare to sponges which seem to have a short lifespan in my house with so many people using them! Before I found out you can find this dried gourds online and in some specialty sustainable lifestyle shops which has been mushrooming around KL, my friend had to get it from his hometown. They're super worth it! For just less than RM10, you get a long loofah which you can cut depending on the length you need and that can last for months! While they do trap some food, they're easily cleaned and do not smell with prolonged usage. Just for hygiene purpose, I hang them on the window panes so they get sun-ned just to kill some germs hahaha

I did found loofahs in the toiletries section of Aeon but I don't know if they're chemically processed to maintain the shape and remain hard but mine is holding the shape real well! Works amazing in the bath though I wished they have a version with handle because I cannot reach the back properly...

As part of this whole green lifestyle, I decided to convert back to using soap bars which uses less packaging. I am super tempted to get those artisan soaps bars but they're much more pricey, about RM20-ish! There are more economical ones but I am too lazy to go all the way out just to shop for soaps. I have been relying on off-the-shelf brands in Aeon like Dove (under RM4 per bar) and I recently found Ecostore available in Aeon Wellness for RM10.90 for the 80g bar. It's lemongrass scented and I'm crazy eager to use it because it smells so good, almost yummy! Obsessing over scents like this or citrusy ones these days, they make me feel happy #allthelittlethings

Also from Aeon Wellness, I got this for about RM10 because everything about it caught my attention. Later I regretted my purchase. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE how the toothbrush and packaging are made of recycled materials. Totally supporting the idea! Unfortunately there is still lack-to-none recycling programs here in Malaysia, except for Penang (Penang rocks!) which meant after I am done with this, it will end up in the landfill FML So I guess for now I don't have an option but to order my bamboo toothbrushes online.

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