Sunday 24 February 2019

Hair Color Expert: Hair dye job for under RM100?!

Hello internet! Finally posting my first blog post for 2019 just when February is drawing to an end, can you believe that?! I'm proud to say that the start of the year has been rather productive albeit not in blogging... LOL! Other than that and how frequent I had been down with sickness one after another, things are generally great! Some of the rather memorable occasions include me messing around with my homies with pop pop (they fell for that!), being at Batu Caves for this year's Thaipusam and then a mini road trip to Sekinchan. Not to mentioned I tried aerial yoga for the first time yesterday! Seems like a lot going on and I hope the coming months will be as exciting, so much more to do!!

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The other thing is me getting my hair dyed, yeah right after CNY. Too happening in the past weeks I couldn't schedule an appointment with my regular saloon! Plus, I only heard of Hair Color Expert from one of my homies a week before CNY. When she told me it is only under RM100 for long hair (of any length!), I decided I must go. It is so affordable!!! Slightly more than what I've spent for the DIY Herbatint Permanent Hair Color Gel I tried last year.

RM88.90 to be exact!

Hair Color Expert

Other saloons in KL would charge me RM400 for my hair length! Of courselah the color turned out pretty and service are amazing but if I could get the same color for lower price of course I'd choose the more affordable one! Some might argue to paying more means better quality chemicals that probably won't damage your hair (my mom thinks so!) but really, aside from feeling your hair and scalp how else do we measure the damage? Dying hair is already harmful to your hair to some extend. If there is a way to gauge the damage, I want to know how.

 Anyways, I was like 5-10 minutes late for my appointment, having booked my appointment just less than an hour. It was an impromptu decision just to tick some stuff off my to dos list. Didn't wait long before a receptionist/stylist sat me down to advice on the color. I had Mahogany in mind but she was like straight up telling me that it won't cover my grays. Ya-ouch. 

Then proceeded to recommend several other shades which may. I thought, ok, let's listen to the pro and went ahead to choose 5/75 Deep Healther which sample look close to a warm dark brown. Refer to the not-so-accurate colors due to phone lighting in the color chart below.

Hair Color Expert

I was then ushered to my chair then first had the scalp protector which I topped up for RM15 applied and massaged. You can also top up RM55 for the Nano treatment, I didn't. Found out soon after Hair Color Expert uses the exact same brand of Nano treatment with my hair treatment _ the Bioma Plant +9 I just reviewed last November!

After the scalp protector, proceeded to have my hair dyed with the help of two stylist. I timed, that only took 15 minutes! Was then told I could wait outside while waiting for the color to set for 30-minutes. They provided a timer to each customers, neat. Fast forward, I was back inside to have my hair washed with hot then cold water and blow-dried on high heat. I really wished they'd ask what temperature I prefer, the dryer was set on high my scalp hurt! (T___T)

So result, result! First before _ dark roots, mahogany mid-length and bleached roots. Work of art.

After _ just warm dark brown still with lighter roots.

I tried looking up 'healther color' but only found 'heather color'. First thing that turned up goes, "In clothing, heather refers to interwoven yarns of mixed colors producing flecks of an alternate color. It is typically used to mix multiple shades of grey or grey with another color to produce a muted shade (e.g., heather green), but any two colors can be mixed, including bright colors." So heather here probably meant grayish brown. Indeed my first impression was there are tints of lavendar-gray which didn't show much in the photo.. Still, it is a nice shade of brown.

Oh, and the stylist kinda backtracked and say this color won't hide my grays... I was like, damn, I should've stuck with Mahogany! They still look obvious, but appearing like highlights. Oh well, with the price I can always make an appointment again XP

Before you go making your appointment, here are several points to note about:

1) All appointments are to be booked via the Hair Color Expert's app

2) The saloon only offers hair dyeing _ bleaching & coloring and Nano treatment. No haircut service! Gahhh, I needed a haircut so now I have to make an appointment with my regular saloon and explain why I didn't just go back to them to dye my hair. I have betrayed them! *guilty*

3) No bleaching or highlighting service past 4pm appointment

4) Because of the chemicals used, pregnant or breastfeeding women are not recommended to dye their hair (Overheard this!)

They have a bunch of other rules which are stated on their app, so don't forget to check them out!

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