Sunday 30 July 2017

What I have been up to: a Putrajaya Wedding & 2017 Bon Odori in Shah Alam

Hello internet! I know I've been MIA-ing for quite a while. That's what happen when work's a priority. Aside from that, I got a lil more time for technology detox with my internet provider P1 WiMAX doing their best at failing the couple of fortnights ago from some upgrade (or rather downgrade). The problems have started manifesting since early of this year but it took them awhile to explain that. Neat.

Although I find it may actually be a blessing in disguise now that I can use those time to rest properly after work and on weekends. During those times I missed my blog, writing though I did vlogging but the videos left untouched. Now that I've been on hiatus long enough, I thought I should fill you in on what I've been up to.

1) Our family is growing!!!!

Sis' and bro-in-law ROM just ended last month and soon it's upcoming wedding banquet food tasting with the extended Tans. Later this year you bet I'll be filling you more on the Hens Night & wedding! This is so surREAL, it's true how adult years pass by so fast!!

Because of the whole occasion, I've been spending a lot of time with my sister and her new family.

2) Baby, baby, baby oohhhh

Aside from that, my sis' welcomes motherhood this year. Not that kind of baby. But a babi baby whom the new parents pampers like crazy. Meet Buttons, the cat whom at 6 months is a healthy, super discipline and you betcha, proud Persian. 

She's not pissed, she just looks like that. She's so cute lol

Ok, in this pic she was really pissed. My sis brought her to the vet to check on her ear mites issue which my sis discovered recently. She was clearly not pleased and ignored my sis the entire day...

On less grumpy days, she's super photogenic!

If you've seen my insta, you'd noticed I posted this pic with a funny caption.

Almost everyday our Whatsapp group is showered with photos of Buttons not that I mind ahahhaha. Most of my fam except the dudes loves cats so she definitely stole my sis' limelight lol. Our attention was for her and her only and she was happy to be the center of it, rubbing herself close to our legs when we visited her. 

I bought her a mini tent on the same day I met her but she carefully examined it but afraid to explore further. My sister showed me her first and last attempt later that day. Tadaaa~~~ 

Hilarious! The tent was rather out of shape since her body was longer and she, large for her age. Imagine how big she'll become when she grows! I guess its just in a Persians' gene, she's biggest among all the cats my mom adopts!

You can't tell it from here, but from aerial view, she's bigger than the tent!

"I dowan to play with you anymoreeeee..."

Ya, I can bombard this post with more photos of Buttons but let's move forward because that'll take forever hahahaa

3) Bon Odori Shah Alam 2017

Yeshhhhh! This is the first time in yearsss since I attended Bon Odori and my first celebration in Shah Alam's Stadium. I have initially guessed the crowd was going to be huge (like Penang's) but turns out they came in a throng! Mind blown!!

Impromptu decision to attend with my best friend and adventure buddy, Ben! Ben wanted to take videos undercover because he is shy. Yalah tu! Nah, he was sick LOL.

There were crowds in circle dancing, picnicking, shopping or just viewing fron the platforms. When the fireworks went off suddenly, people went silent in awe admiring the spectacular showdown. Cheers and whistling erupts when it quiets down only to be surprised that the fireworks displays were far from over. Hahahaha. Bestest fireworks for the year! (I'll try to be edit the videos siob

Think it took me a few hours to go through the stalls, the place is so huge! I bought Hokkaido's sea salt flavored gelato (Japan's ice cream never disappoints me?!), German sausage and dew drop jelly with fruits in them. 

Partly, I regretted not wearing my yukata, partly I don't cause it's super hot what's more with the huge crowd! Perhaps I should've invited a few girl friends, that'll be fun and prolly making the sauna experience worth it Lol 

4) Tourist in my own country

This was two months back, I was at Putrajaya for a colleague and friend's wedding and decided I should make time to explore the place. It's my second time there, but my first checking out the place. 

I spent most of my time at the pink mosque and Putrajaya Botanical Garden, the latter particularly to check out the Moroccan Pavilion.

Managed to graze both my knees when I had a horrible fall, falling from a bike with seat so high my legs barely reach the ground. Perfect especially when I have a dinner to attend... (°ロ°٥) Thankfully after wiping off the blood, they didn't look that bad that evening. 

Loving the bride's pretty dress! She looked great in it!!

Subsequent days were agonizing, with the swelling and pain I barely walk properly. I still miss biking and truly considering one, something my size. 

5) One of my many obsessions _Feng Shui!

It has been going on a while but I didn't want to write about it on my blog thinking I'd be laugh at (Why did I even bother about people's opinion then?!). I started reading Feng Shui books, attending Lillian Too's talk (recently I attended my third and first Spiritual Feng Shui), and start sharing Feng Shui articles/conversation with my mom. I'm still new at this so I don't really put them into practice 100 percent, perhaps next time. It's just becoming one of my many fascinating hobbies. Though, I was surprised to find one of my friends from uni attending the talk with her family too! So the next round I'll have companions, so fun! 

In my opinion, growing spiritually and more religious are part of growing up. Still I will never be part of one whose disciples are small minded, thinks of themselves as more superior or ostracise other religions/believes. That's so backward and stupid! Speaking of growing up, I may have a post to write about this topic but still considering if I should. Maybe next time!

Back to the event, I had a chance to hear Guru Rinpoche speaks and find he is so humble and as Lillian said, rather wise for his age _ he takes into accounts different angles of perspective and his logic is rather, well logical to the sane minds.

6) Planning for my epic Trip of The Year!

It's still a few months to go before my trip but tickets are booked, itinerary is 80 percent completed, and my excitement is still unwanning. I wish I can tell you about it but at the same time, I want to keep it a secret. To keep the suspense growing, you know LOL. Anyway, the plan is to go on a budget which I am unsure if I will achieve it. Gahhhh, I need more discipline with my moniesss!!!

So ya, these are pretty much the significant events in my life. Not so glam eh (≧∇≦)

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