Sunday 21 May 2017

An afternoon at Walnut Cafe & Bar

Happy Sunday!! This weekend had been super eventful for me, with my mini tour around Putrajaya and attending a friend's wedding which I shall share in another post. As of today, my girl pals and I hung out at Walnut Cafe & Bar at Puchong.

I was the early bird despite on time and ended up waiting for my two friends... Again! At half past twelve the place was rather full with one a few tables available so while waiting I sat at the back of the second floor before shifting downstairs because it was dark. 

When Amelia arrived we decided to make our orders first while waiting for Pamela. 

I ordered mocha and the Skinny Pizza.

Amelia ordered seafood risotto and this tasted so good, just like butter prawn! Everything we had was amazing, we were totally satisfied!

Even the ambience and decor was amazing, we took several photos.

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