Sunday 17 May 2015

My Second Vlog: Taobao Hauls!

Hello people~! ヾ(@⌒o⌒@)ノ

Finally, I'm finally done editing this video. Been battling aliens and slaying dragons during the past few weeks to do it. Nope, been too caught up with work, studies and social life...

I was pretty much done last week until I got stuck figuring out how to include a still image into the video. I knoww!! I should have tested it out before deciding to put it as part of the video. Didn't thought there would be issues with iMovie (≥Д≤) After spending so much time scanning through forums, sites, et cetera for solutions, I have found none that help *rolled eyes* In the end, I omitted that part instead wth...If you have faced this issue before and have a method that works to insert an image into iMovie video, please share it with me. Would definitely appreciate the help! :D

By the way, I'm still kinda figuring out my video-making style and it would take more practise to find something I'm comfortable in. Anyway, this video was shot weeks ago and it was also during one of my 'busy weeks' so I was feeling sorta tired, I hope it didn't show much... :/

Still, I hope you like what I'm sharing with you and if you have suggestions for improvements, do tell me in the comment box below~!

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