Saturday 9 May 2015

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So as I have mentioned in my earlier post, I was around in Penang for a while. Let me relate to you an incident that happened.

Since it was Wesak Day, I tagged along with my friend and her family to go pray. Like in most temples, we have to take off our shoes before entering the temple building. That day, when I got back my sandals were missing! I looked frantically everywhere but there were no sign of me misplacing them.

We deduced someone had taken mine either on purpose or also because someone has taken theirs. And to think I just bought the pair just 2 days before since my other sandal's strap broke!! *facepalm*

Because I couldn’t go back barefooted for the rest of the day my friends told me to choose another and they went looking around for some slippers for me. I was like, really?? Seriously??

 In the end I did walk off with someone else slippers and felt guilty as shit.


But I made sure to choose a cheap-looking, worn-out pair of flip flops. My friends were jokingly recommending "better looking" and "branded" ones as though we were shopping for shoes wth #whatfriendsareforright

The next temple we went, I prayed for forgiveness for stealing the slippers wtf. I related this to my sis and she said despite praying I'll still go to hell for that…

(;Д;) ( >∀< ) {go to hell d)

Apparently, this “vicious cycle” _as my friend put it_ is nothing new and even my mom has experienced this so many times she now chooses to go pray at temples that don't have rules of needing to take off shoes or she simply wears her oldest, most worn-out pair. I'm so-o taking notes on this.

If you’re wondering what happened to the pair I took, in the end I threw it away and for the remaining of my holidays, I settled for a pair of really crappy, RM10 flip flops which I got from the morning market...

In one of the temples we went ⇓

in one of the temples in Penang

And oh, I also prayed that my slipper thief will carry the weight of my crime and then maybe I'll be spared wth.

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