Sunday 4 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Konbanwa~ Long time no blog and before I catch up with ramblings of whatever I've been up to, firstly

Akemashite omedetou~~!!

Wishing all of you a Happy New Year! Thanks for supporting my blog all this time, and please be nice to me this year too ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ


So yes, back to the catching up bits! I've been on a long blogging hiatus, yet again. Gomen ne! Things have been getting a bit occupied in the past months and the rest of my 2014 been about prioritize work and studies. Especially more last month since I had class test and JLPT exam one after another and twinnie was like, "every week also exam?".

Really salute bloggers who can juggle between work life with whatevertheyredoinginlifeifnotstudies and still can find time to blog frequently at the same time *salute*

I think 2015 will probably be seeing me MIA-ing from time to time since I will be keeping up with classes and JLPT exams. Though I must admit I am guilty for pig-ing away when I did get some study break. Did a TV marathon and watched the entire 4 seasons of fairy tales, which I just completed and that's why I got time to blog WTH

I also started gardening and failing _ though not completely_at that. Okla, I didn't have any plans to garden just thought of putting a potted plant in my office cubicle to cheer the place up but that didn't happen because I didn't want to leave it unwatered on the weekends. Still, I got lazy to water it at home sometimes but still buy another pot because one seems a bit lonely... But no more, no more!

Not sure how my mom can be so patient taking care of her garden for over a decade.

Or takes care of 3 children for over 20 years. Errr.. ( =__=; ) 

... Thank you mommy (and daddy!).

There, meet my somewhat healthy growing shrubs. Something extra grew together with shrub no.2 but decided against plucking it off. Just do your part in absorbing the CO2, okayy.

Readers, meet shrubs. Shrubs, readers.

The one other thing that is growing VERY healthily is my wardrobe hahahahaha. You can check out the OOTDs I've posted on my Instagram, else sometimes I compile them together and upload here on my blog too.

I still haven't compile the last from 2014 but I'll do that pretty soon before start to post other new OOTDs. Bought several dresses/tops but I didn't post because I can't find accessories to complete the look. So they're now just hanging in the wardrobe for my admiring purpose.

Not that I mind at all *turns to wardrobe, nod nod*

Getting pretty late already so signing off now with new year selfie in my favorite corner of the room (where my wardrobe is LOL)


Chao~!ヽ(*´∀`* ,)

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