Saturday 17 January 2015

2014 OOTD

Hello~! (*⌒∇⌒*)ノ

Putting together my OOTD shots from last year, like finally.

#1 SEED lace-detail camisole, Scarlet knit skirt and (old) NOSE handbag

OOTD: #SEED Lace Camisole, #Scarlet knit skirt and #NOSE handbag

I was looking to get myself a knit skirt when I found this. This skirt also has a matching top to match but I didn't quite like it so I just go for the skirt. It comes in another checkered pattern too, seee ⇓

#Scarlet knit skirts

#2 Nichii lace dress with belt

OOTD: #Nichii lace dress with belt

#3 Factorie oatmeal basic tee _which I got for a super good bargain at RM15!!! And quality so good OMG _ that I mix and match with my skirt and cardigan blazer.

OOTD: #Factorie basic tee, #Uniqlo blazer & #Zalora skirt

#4 Stacked rings (forgot where I got from). Really want more of these sort of dainty rings including midi rings, they're so-o cute!! #NotAnOOTD LOL

stacked rings

Next two photos are not something I got for myself. I sorta camwhored at H&M while waiting for my friend. Oh well, still OOTD pics.. XP

#5 H&M nude color dress

OOTD: #H&M Dress

#6 H&M Navy stripped top and khaki shorts with ribbon belt

OOTD: #H&M stripped Top & khaki shorts with ribbon belt

#7 Just some random mix and match with stuff in my wardrobe_ (old) Bershka quote tee, (old) Nichii royal blue skirt and SEED stud-detailed belt.

Really love this coordinate which sorta came up in a flash that day. Until then, didn't thought much about wearing my work skirt with my casual tees (*´∀`*)

OOTD: #Bershka tee, #Nichii skirt & #SEED belt

#8 Another mix and match look_ (old) navy cotton jacket, Vero Moda/Zalora mode tshirt, SEED white shorts, Alfio Raldo/Zalora quilted backpack and VINCI nude pumps.

OOTD: Boutique navy jacket, #VeroModa #Zalora tee, #Alfio Rado #Zalora quilted bagpack, #SEED white shorts & #VINCI nude pumps

#9 Something Borrowed/Zalora floral print halter neck dress with Bershka cardigan and Aldo sneakers

OOTD: #SomethingBorrowed #Zalora Dress, #Bershka cardigan & #Aldo sneakers


That's pretty much most of them~ Here's something recent:

#10 SEED Embellished Collar top, #Zalora handbag with (old) floral skirt

OOTD: #SEED collar embellished top, #Zalora skirt & #Zalora handbag

Yesterday I went shopping again and just got a few more pieces of clothing from Padini Concept Store at Pavillion yayyyy~!! o(≧▽≦)o  Can't wait to share my hauls with you soon!




  1. Where did you get the lace dress from? It's so cute 💕

  2. Hello @BossFlaws~! Thanks! (^o^)

    I bought it from Nichii, it's actually a Malaysia fashion brand and their outlets are available everywhere here. Zalora Malaysia carries this brand too but I'm not sure if they shipped overseas... (Got you the link -->

  3. How long did it take for you to put all these pictures together?
    And finally you are blogging XD
    Nice ring btw!

  4. 2 months? Been a bit occupied for a while LOL
    Yea, hope to complete on some drafts I've put aside. Soon!! (^o^)v
    And thanks!! Love them too~~


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