Sunday 15 June 2014

My June Hauls & A Giveaway Announcement


Been occupied with studies last week I try not to spend time on blogging. But then I wasn't able to concentrate until at night and had to cram everything in last minute my head hurts. LOLOL At least still get an 'A'~ #braggingrights ok

Intermediate Japanese cert

It's the mid year sale right now and I took the opportunity to get what I want needed. Okla, there are stuff I wanted for myself too and they've been on my wishlist forever XP

So here they are~

Cotton On black floral dress #sale

Floral dress from Cotton On~

Cotton On summer floral dress

Floral print summer dress, again from Cotton On and a separate black belt, my own (forgot where I got it).

I so-o don't mind having tons of floral prints in my wardrobe I tell you. Super love them!! It's gonna be my signature style wth. Along with black & white, another favorite look. I don't know why suddenly most I've been eyeing clothes and shoes in black and white only. But then again, I want everything else too hahahaha

Added another white heel from Vincci too, a more comfy one for my everyday work~ヽ(*´∀`*)ノ Simple, chic and they're white LOL #obsessed

Vincci white heels I love!!

Here are the rest of my my Mode-color heels collection~ (*⌒∇⌒*) Only 2 I wore often wth.

my #MODE colored shoes collection~❤

Clockwise from top left: Black ankle heel boots from Vincci, White see-through design platform heels from Taobao, blue & black cutout heels from Vincci and black & white wedges, also Vincci.

Which now brings me to my...


If you had followed me on Twitter/Facebook, I have made an announcement that I am making a giveaway and 2 of them (the top ones), separately, mostly because I haven't been wearing them forever and I sorta have a change of heart LOL.

Two things though, it'll be a local giveaway, (means Malaysia only) and fyi, they're both in size 6.

I'll come up with how you can get them on another post, so if you want either one of them just stay tune! ☆~(≥vO)

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