Wednesday 8 January 2014

one Sunday at KL Bird Park

... went like this ( = A =;)

Friend randomly suggested we go to KL Bird Park. Never knew such place existed all the while I was living here wth

So off we went. Got off from the Pasar Seni LRT and walked all the way there. So mafan one. By the time we reached the entrance we were so tired from the distance and stairs climbing and uphill climbing (X__X)

But we made it~!

Map of the bird park. The place is huge~!

Plenty of birds flying and hopping and fluttering freely. Here's a peacock showing off its feathers. Lots of them there but we didn't get much chance to see them like this.

Anyway, there are lots other birds there but lemme fast forward to when we went into a parrot enclosure(it's one of the many little ones there). That was where a lory ended up on my head wtf It's one of my favorite place 'cuz you can actually feed them!

Check out these 3 sitting on my hand so heavy (>A<) Plus their claws are so sharp they hurt and left small scratches on my arm ouchie!

Super fun though!

Besides the birds, the scenery's great too (@⌒ー⌒@) So calming cannot believe such place like this exist in the middle of KL!

And a pond with lotsa kois! And yes, you can feed them too. They had several gachapon stands around except for toys you get fish feeds hahaha


At the 'tunnel' inside the waterfall~

Nice leh (^o^ )~♪

Had late lunch from all the 3-hour long sightseeing just in the bird park! There's an orchid garden and a few other parks/garden close by but we were to tired to check them out already.

Then took taxi to Chinatown a.k.a. Petaling Street for lunchy~~

Ais Batu Campur or ABC or shaved ice is perfect after a tiring trip~!

ais batu kacang (abc) on a hot day

ais batu kacang (abc) on a hot day

That's for now~ Oyasumi!


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