Thursday 19 December 2013

Doraemon: My Childhood Memories

Went on a date with Doraemon~ (// v //)


Ok not. Actually was at the

100 Doraemon Secret Gadgets Expo

 at Viva Home last Sunday~♪


Super huge fan of Doraemon and it's one of the first few comics I was reading(besides Sailormoon and Cat's Eyes).

Super missed them all but Doraemon was our(siblings and I) favorite and we had like almost every single books including the one-book Doraemon and friends adventures. No kidding! Because we read them over and over till secondary school, most of the pages/cover were really worn out. Then mom decided to have them recycle after the comics started pilling up.. (;Д;) But we still have a lot of them now hahaha

Anyway, yeah, back to Doraemon expo topic.

Here are some photos from the expo. Don't wanna be such a spoilsport for those who haven't been there since the expo will be till March 2014

Here's a Dokodemo/Anywhere Door~


The original Doraemon~

2013-12-16 12.53.35

Many, many Doraemons!

2013-12-16 13.10.16

The original script of Doraemon @ the comic section.

2013-12-16 13.13.26

Merchandise section got rainbow color Doraemon!!

Super kawaiiii~~ O(≧▽≦)O

2013-12-16 14.00.10

Doraemon stamp on the back of our hands.


At the cafeteria, there are dorayaki, memory toast and latte with Doraemon design on the surface some more!


Bought some dorayaki to nom but think they tasted a bit... weird/artificial/too much preservative? Tasted better ones before.


Didn't spend much on the food there. Instead, we got photos of ourselves popping out of Nobita's drawers in Nobita's room by the photographer there. That was RM20++ for every printouts that comes together with frame. I think it's worth so much more it ❤

If you don't want to spend on those, there's also this one photo booth with props provided you can camwhore as much as you like there.

Me nomnomnom-ing the memory toast (prop) happily↓


Don't forget to check this expo out while you can.

And thank you for dropping by! Oyasumi~~ (,⌒▽⌒ /)

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