Saturday 28 December 2013

An Epiderme Sponsored Review

Here's to another sponsored review, this time with EPIDERME~ (⌒o⌒/)

" Originated from the USA,

EPIDERME has dedicated itself to the relentless pursuit of creating innovative products by utilizing the latest and most scientific 'green', organic, safe and natural ingredients and technologies that provide a perfect skin care solution. From this passion for excellence, we promote optimum result to every skin perfectionist."

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After some consultation with EPIDERME regarding my skin type, these are recommended if you have combination and acne prone skin like me.

In sample size tubes are the Brightened Up Cleaser,Perfect Daily Exfoliation Gel, Advanced Aqua Gel and an actual size Skin Cell Repair Essence.

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With these step-to-step regime, EPIDERME promises optimum results in three weeks!  *impress*

Plus, EPIDERME products are Paraben-free! FYI, paraben is a preservative used in cosmetics/pharmaceutical products and has nasty side effects like allergic reactions and it is believed to cause breast cancer. So EPIDERME's products are very safe to use.

There's more!

" EPIDERME products are highly concentrated products based on spring water. It contain approximately 10 times more biologically active substance than ordinary skin care solutions which can quickly and effectively cope with cosmetics problem. When using EPIDERME you will not only get quick cosmetic effect but also psychological satisfaction because the result will be practically immediately."

Here are EPIDERME's 4 steps to a perfect skin!

Step #1 Brighten Up Cleanser

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The cleanser is of rich golden liquid gels that works effectively to brighten and moisturize your skin. To use, leather it with tepid water then massage all over face and throat, twice a day.

My face feels super clean after using this. Would have liked it more if it doesn't have this one odd scent..

Step #2 Perfect Daily Exfoliating Gel

2007-01-01 12.36.19

This Perfect Daily Exfoliating Gel is formulated with Pineapple Extract, Cucumber Extract and Witch Hazel Extract to help minimize dark spots and wrinkles. Exfoliate about 3 times a week for 2-3 minutes until small pieces appear before washing off.

Compare to the Brighten Up Cleanser, this one is mildly scented and I thought it smells somewhat like tea tree oil. Not sure if it's just the combination of all the 3 different extracts but I somewhat like it.

Step #3 Skin Repair Essence

I super like serums/essence so was super happy when I get to try this ❤ Moreover, one of my favorite mostly because it works in making my skin feels much more smooth after using it for a while.

Some more contains Seaweed Extract which gets rid of redness, inflammation and besides improving sensitive and roughness of skin! Besides, it activates and protect your skin cells and preventing the cells from being destroyed by UV rays. Google it up and you'll find Seaweed extract helps your skin in many many other ways too.

For RM192 for 30ml, it can last close to 5-6 months. Mine's pretty much used up already that's why no picture LOL

Step #4 Advanced Aqua Gel

2007-01-01 12.40.23-3

Next is the Advance Aqua Gel which is a highly moist gel which repair besides increasing collage production. That's because it is formulated with coenzyme Q10 which fights free radicals and reduce wrinkles.  Furthermore, the gel also improve skin elasticity and tightness. Use it twice daily, but avoid the eye area.

It is actually much more of pink guava color but because of the lighting it turned out more orange.. This one is mildly scented which. It absorbs really quick and after few minutes I felt as though my skin feels slightly more tighter. So impressed I could actually feel the effect so soon after applying this gel!

If you're interested to try these products out yourself, go check out

EPIDERME's Website.

 You can purchase any EPIDERME products from their website and payment can be made via credit cards or online banking. Free shipping too~! (・∀・)♪

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