Sunday 9 June 2013

Review: Daiso Eyeshadows Haul

Ohai ,(*⌒∇⌒*)οΎ‰ Today I'll be reviewing my Daiso eyeshadow haul I got for myself recently~

I bought 2 eyeshadow palettes from Daiso, one is the Pearl In Eyeshadow in Brown and the other is Pearl Bling Lame Eyeshadow in Pink. They're both RM5 each only! These are my cheapest eyeshadow purchase so far. Usually I wouldn't even (or rather, ever) think of getting cheap cosmetics from local non-drugstore stores. In my impression cheap cosmetic = no good.

But since it's a brand from Japan, I decided the quality would be much better and the cosmetics might be safer to apply on the skin. Bias opinion LOL (> ∇ <) I'm a true sucker for Japanese brands. I actually got the brown palette first and the colors turn out really nice, so on my second trip I got the pink one.

Now let's get started~!

Pearl In Eyeshadow in Brown

Daiso Jewel In Eyeshadow

Here's the swatches for this eyeshadow:

I LOVE the brown shades and I've been using this one a lot for my daily nude makeup look.

The colors are highly pigmented and they stay well for hours(with a good makeup base)! All the shades have a moderate amount of bling that gives them a smooth satin and pearly finish_thus explains the name_without being "too much". As in, it's just perfect for casual look-lah.

My only complain would be the applicator which has tips so course I swear it's like you're using a hard toothbrush on your eyelids.

Pearl Bling Lame Eyeshadow in Pink

The second palette, the Pearl Bling Lame Eyeshadow comes in 1 cream eyeshadow and 4 other colors. This palette is also available in Purple but I didn't get it because I have too many purple shades eyeshadow already.

This palette even has a built-in mirror ~ ↓

I find the cream eyeshadow doesn't have much color so I didn't swatch it. I think it merely works as a base to accentuate the other colors but don't use it at all.

The swatches for the other 4 shades are as below ↓

Daiso Jewel Bling Lame Eyeshadow Swatches

You can see that these 4 shades are much more sheer and are not as pigmented as the brown palette. Plus, they have very minimal bling so when applied, they give a nice matte finish. The downside? The color is not very obvious and they don't have much staying power.

Still, the pink-brown combination is just perfect for sweet, nude look. Love the color combination a lot, I'm now hunting for more pastel pink color eyeshadow (@⌒▽⌒@)  Overall, I'm quite satisfied with how both of them turn out. I am thinking or trying other cosmes products from Daiso, maybe a 'Daiso Makeup Challenge' theme post? Might want to do just that haha

Alrighty, that's it for now. Till next time, chao~!

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