Wednesday 11 July 2012

Tsukuri Obi: Dressing Up Tips

Countdown_Just 4 more days left before the 2012 Bon Odori festival at Shah Alam!! Here's my last minute tips for those attending the event this Saturday and the following weekend at Esplanade Penang or any other future events.

In my previous post, I shared some basic points to consider when choosing a yukata. This one is gonna be about dressing up the obi and how to actually get your pre-tied tsukuri obito fit nicely(as in not loosely on your waist).

my pink tsukuri obi~ ♥

Loose obi?

Here's a cheap, quick trick to fix it. Before wrapping the obi around your waist, get a clean towel or two, fold and tie them around you waist. Add more towels, making sure they're not concentrated only at one part, if you still find the obi loose.

This shall keep your obi in place!

use clean towels to fill in the gaps!

Plain Obi? Dress it up!

Here I'm using a lace obi I got online somewhere weeks, if not months ago for only about RM55~ Too late to get one of these? Use a scarf instead!

white obi with lace trimmings at both ends

This is how it looks like after putting it on. I'm just making a simple butterfly bow and had it arranged on top of my pink obi~

a simple bow over the tsukuri obi

Tucked a cute usagi(?!) fan my sis got for me behind my obi. Teehee~ ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Think the front is too plain? Here's a simple idea~

With my floral hair clip. You can opt for larger hair clips too~!

Instead of focusing at the back of the obi, you can draw more attention to the front too.Here's something I come up with_curl one end of the lace obi into a rose! Use tape, pins or anything to secure the shape. Also, if you have a similar lace obi with lace trimmings at the end, you can fold and tuck one end of the obi at the front to reveal the lace.

curl and twist to form a rose~! keep twisting until the obi end or just leave the lace part clinging at the side (like a leaf)

I actually like it better this way. Looks really cute~ ♥

Anyway, you can accessorize your obi further with chain of pearls, hair braids, obi jime, or even bows~! Found a site with similar ideas. Go check the site out for more inspiration!

Have fun dressing up! ☆-(≥vO)v


  1. one word... stunning =^_^= <3 <3

  2. Useful! just got a yukata set from Kyoto last month. Nothing as nice as yours but I will blog about it soon ^_^

  3. nice~!! yukatas are really lovely, don't you think? cant wait to see how yours looks like (^v^/)


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