Tuesday 3 July 2012

Guide: Choosing a yukata

Bon Odori 2012 is just around the corner~! Or actually, it's like next weekend on the 14th at Shah Alam and on the 21st in Penang. For those who's planning to get a yukata for the event next weekend, or other future events, here's a simple guide on how to choose a yukata.

I hope you might find this guide useful especially for those who's looking into getting your first yukata ^^

Pretty yukata~! Love the obi, especially~ Photo from yukatayasan.com

So let's get started~!

Well, the first point to be taken into consideration is the length of the yukata.  Usually, for the adult ones, the sizes range for those under 150cm, 160cm and over 160cm(in height).

However, if you're 150cm and below AND really skinny, you can opt for children-size yukatas. Oh yes you can! Bear in mind though, the range of sizes for children yukata are 130-140cm and 140-150cm. Alternately, if you can't find the design you want, larger ones work too!

I'm short fun size, but I got this one yukata for those over 160cm. The shoulder broadness of the yukata is pretty much the same(I think!) and the length's easily adjustable. It MAY however, makes you look a lil' bulky from the folding at the waistline. It can be an advantage for some, but I think mine makes me look fat.

Too much folding (>x<)

Secondly, choosing the right obi~ As for the obi, there's the pre-tied ones and the 'original', or untied, obis. The pre-tied obi, a.k.a. the tsukuri obi, is usually shorter and all you need to do is tie it around your waist and tucked the ready-made ribbon at the back. And that's pretty much all you have to do.

Personally, I prefer the tsukuri obi ribbons since the bows are more rigid and stays in shape compared to the 'original' one which shape can get a lil' droopy, depending on the type of obi you're tying.

tsukuri obi photo from yukatayasan.com
tsukuri obi with rose ♥ photo from yukatayasan.com

The 'original' ones required a lil' folding and tucking but it really is very simple! Plus, there're just so many different ways to tie an obi so you can get creative with it~!

'original' obi tied into a cute bow~

photo from yukatayasan.com

Finally, choosing the right color for the yukata! ♥ A yukata's pretty informal so any color works just fine. For cases of married women and elderly women, choices of more subtle to darker tones are picked. Young, single adults have wider range of more vibrant colors and designs to choose from!

vibrant-colored yukatas for children and young adults while paler-colored choice of yukatas for married woman and older woman.photos from yukatayasan.com

All that's left now is mixing and matching your choice of yukata, obi and geta sandals together~! Accessorize further with kinchaku(drawstring bag) or small envelope clutches for a dash of modern blend! Not forgetting hair chopsticks or other floral hair clips to finish the look ☆-(≥vO)

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