Saturday 28 April 2012

Posts updated!

Yesterday, after completing my assignments I got on my twitter and saw Cheesie posted this:

[caption id="attachment_1725" align="aligncenter" width="490"] snapshot from twitter~[/caption]
I was like, "Rainbow color in storm grey mostly sold out at sasa? I'd love to think it's because of the review I wrote. XP effing vain me! LOLOLOL!!"

Yeah, I did wrote a review on RainbowColor in Storm Gray a month back and Cheesie tweeted about it and posted my blog url and I had like so many visits that particular day I thought I got hacked. Freaked me out back then. So during the search for the 'culprit', I got myself a twitter account(aha...) and found out it was her. So LOL.

Anyway I dropped by SASA at Mid Valley today and found that there's only a box left for RainbowColor in grey color shade! It's awesome if it's really because of my review. Vain me*ahem*.

Planning to get myself the sky blue shade(a must try!) and the circle brown one and storm grey again and then I can't decide between wood ash or earth brown... Not getting them yet tho, wanna use my other lenses first.

[caption id="attachment_1728" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Masks, a makeup remover, hair holder thingy and stock up of my neogence facial cleanser(not in photo)[/caption]
And oh, not forgetting, I have updated 2 review posts:

Neogence ACE Liposome Renewal Whitening Serum Review

Neogence Ace Revitalizing and Renewing Review

Also available in the 'Reviews' tab above~~


  1. That's so cool! Maybe it was the review that did it ;D I like the Ash Wood one! It's so pretty ((never thought I would say that about brown eyes))! But that's so sweet of Cheesie to tweet your review about the lenses!

  2. LOL. Maybe. Yeah!!! Ash wood one is so pretty. You know you can get them from tokyoninki. They ship worldwide free for purchase more than rm150. dat's about 50usd~~ yeah, that's pretty nice of her ^^

  3. I saw that! Maybe one day. I could just get them regularly but I don't wanna wear my glasses >_>; I have astigmatism in my right eye and I have to get different powers for them. Sadly, it doesn't look like that they have the option for two different ones. But I know Pinky Paradise has that option. :D I just need to get an eye exam.

    <3 :3

  4. LOL. yeah, just realized they didnt offer in 2 diff. powers... I've checked out Pinky Paradise. so in love with the Geo Princess Mimi Apple Green (Bambi series)!!! And yeah, I need an eye exam soon too X( if u get any new colored lenses, post them on ur blog!!! i so wanna c!!!

  5. Oh I will. :3 There's no doubt, I will!


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