Monday 2 April 2012

I want a gyaru wardrobe makeover!

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Pssst!!! Zalora Malaysia is currently organizing a blogger outfit makeover contest in conjunction with their Grand Launch! And you've got to check out their prizes:


1st Prize:

 RM1500 worth of makeover for you + RM1500 worth of makeover for your reader.

2nd Prize:

RM1000 worth of makeover + RM1000 worth of makeover for your reader.

3rd Prize:

RM500 worth of makeover for you + RM 500 worth of makeover for your reader.


I was like this when I saw it --> (♥o♥/)

I want to win this makeover so badly! My wardrobe's so pathetically small despite my love for fashion. And my everyday wear is, well, pretty much the same everyday for the past months!

,(=.=,"") Wish I was exaggerating.

Anyway, been trying to add more clothes into my wardrobe as part of my new year style resolution. Plus, this year, my style resolution is to be more gyaru! F.Y.I., Gyaru is Japanese for 'Girl' or 'Gal'. And if you've been following my blog, you'd noticed I've been a huge fan of gyaru model Tsubasa Masuwaka~ v(^v^)v

So back to the main highlight of this blog post! With Zalora Blogger Outfit Makeover Contest, I hope to win myself RM1500 worth of gyaru makeover to add into my wardrobe!! (^v^/)

Here's what I would like to have for my makeover worth RM1500(All items from

My first few choices are based on spring 2012 gyaru trend which includes pastel-colored items and a denim jacket!

#Tie Dye Shawl, RM59.90

#Pleat Flare Shorts, RM69.00

#Denim Boyfriend Jacket, RM85

Check out my denim style inspiration which I've gotten from my favorite gyaru model.


Then, not forgetting the heels, in pastels too~! And OMG!! These two totally screams "KAWAII!"

Swooning over them already! *dances*

# Diza, RM380

#Betsy, RM260

Definitely wearing this heels together with cute socks and leggings! And check out all these lovely heels in all shades of pastels from this month's Popteen Magazine.

And there's just got to be some printed tees! Love Struck comes in lilac with this really cute pink prints.  Me likey!! These are colors I've been dying to add into my wardrobe for a while now ♥

#Love Struck, RM149.00

#Sexy Doll S/S T-shirt, RM39.00

And i just love laces~! And scallop cutting~! Thus explain my next choice here~


#Majestic Short, RM239.95

Another makeover golden rule I'd like to adhere to:



And accessorize!

#Laurie, RM37.90

#Stars ring, RM70.95 Discount at RM35.50

#Shoulder Tote Bag, RM119.00

This brings the total price for all the items above = RM1474.25!

But wait! That's not all!! If I were to be selected as a winner in this makeover, one of my readers can win themselves a makeover as well! Yup!

And here's how YOU can get a makeover with me in 3 simple steps:

(1)Comment,as creative as you can, in less than 10 words, why you should win this makeover together with me before 12.00pm on April 7th

(2) I'll choose my favorite comment and submit it along with my application v(OvO,)

(3) Get your fingers crossed so we can get this awesome top-to-toe makeover TOGETHER~!


For more info and awesome shopping experience, do check Zalora out at

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  1. Life as a business student is so pathetic that I barely have time to shop for fashionable clothes. So, I really wanna win this because being fashionable brings the best out of me!

  2. cuz i wanna do a twin makeover with mah sistah

  3. Vivien and I have known each other since we were 10. But we haven't seen each other for quite a looong time- 5 years, I think?
    So, the reason that makes me want to win this makeover is:

    "To rekindle the friendship between us"

    :P Sorry. I couldn't think of anything better. Haha. 9 words, am I right?

  4. LOL! a makeover to spend time together?this is gud enuf, buddy!! wish u all the best!!
    if possible, i reli wanna choose all of u :(

  5. wow..i hope the bow necklace still there

  6. hope u can still find it ;)


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