Sunday 18 March 2012

RainbowColor Cosmetic Lenses

So today went to Mid Valley to spend the last RM50 book voucher and decided to hopped by SASA to get this ACE Neogence serum(ACE Neogence Mini set review coming up! Promise!!) and I spotted Rainbow Color Cosmetic Contact Lenses on one of the shelves!

And yeah, I got myself a pair without power for RM58.

(≥v≤)/ My choice: Rainbow Colors in Storm Gray!

Here's the other color choices available at SASA *flipping through the pamphlet*

circle brown and circle black lenses for creating the large eyes effect

in Lilac Purple(too funky?) and Earth Brown~

In Sky Blue and Storm Gray (,OvO,)

Closed up on packaging:

uber cute packaging!


the content: a pair of contact lenses(duhh~!) with a container ♥

Was actually planning to try it on tomorrow after class but when I showed the lenses to my roomie, she eagerly wanted to see how the color turned up to be like. So walah!

Without the lenses


Lovely subtle gray~

Oooh!! I'm loving this color! Initially I was worried that it might appear too light and looked fake but hell was I wrong_the gray looked totally natural! This color's gonna be my favorite!

This lenses doesn't do much of a difference enlargement-wise. As for comfort, they stayed really well in the eyes but I would not suggest long hours of wear since I realized my eyes get really tired which I think is due to dryness caused by the lens.

But anyhow, I would really love to get more of these! The next color I'm gonna get next time would be sky blue v(^v^,) Kinda hope they'll produce other color lenses in future, preferably in shades of subtle green or pink!!

Details of Rainbow Color contact lenses are as follow:

Manufacturer: RainbowColor
Diameter : 14.2 mm
Life Span : 3 months disposable
Base Curve : 8.6mm

F.Y.I., Rainbow Color contact lenses are produced by Malaysian gyaru blogger, Cheesie. See her link on Rainbow Color here and can be purchased from SASA outlets(without power) or TokyoNinki(with power) at RM58 per box or RM43.50 each with purchase of 3 boxes+1 free box! v(≥vO,)



Another shot to emphasize on the lens color~

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