Saturday 28 January 2012

2012 Day 3 and Day 4 of CNY in Johor~!

Updates! Photos from the road trip this CNY (^v^)


After dropping my sis off and doing a lil' spring cleaning in my second home the day before, we headed down south to Johor to visit my aunt~

This is the room we were staying in. See the wooden frame? No, it's not the floor.

It's somewhat like a bed frame except that it's larger, without a head board and occupies most spaces of the room with a closed compartment underneath for storage. Traditional Chinese houses(mostly wooden, like my aunt's) and some old flats(my paternal grandma's previous flat) have them in the bedrooms. Some are wooden like the one shown in the photo while others are made of cement.

I love it so much 'cuz it so Japanese-y. And you can choose to sleep on the frame just like that or arrange mattresses on it, then fold them the morning after(like a futon).


And then later in evening we went to hang around in Johor Premium Outlet(the other only reason we decide to go to Johor), which was newly open at Kulai Jaya. Brands like Guess , Burberry, Lacoste, Fossil, Calvin Klein and many other designer outlets featuring many items selling at discounted prices!

Guess what caught my attention the most were handbags from Guess, Fossil and Roxy but I didn't get any since I don't see the point buying so many handbags and I've gotten one from Polo by Ralph Lauren already  (,>.<,) Maybe next time!! <3


Aunt gave me an ang pow. Weeheee~! (^v^/)

Such pretty red packet.


DAY 4: Melaka!

Decided to hang aroung Melaka on the way home. Boy, was the traffic horrendous! We were stuck in the jam for maybe one and a half hour on our way to the city.

We were hanging around at Dataran Pahlawan after tea break and mom decided we should at least get on the revolving tower we saw.

This is how the revolving Menara Taming Sari ride looks like. Mom and I are queuing~ Dad refuses to get on since he's worried he might get nausea from the height (>.<)

This is the view 80m high up~ See the replica of the 80s ship there? It's a museum but we didn't get to check the place out since it was already closed:(

From high up, mom and I saw the ferry cruise and thought we should get on that as well!! Hahaha!

So walah! We got on the cruise along Melaka River.

Check out the buildings along the Melaka River with walls painted with murals depicting the history of the state(first photo) and some traditional local delicacies and even the largest flower, Rafflesia, which can be found in Sabah forest which is located to the East of Malaysia(second photo below).

Tickets to both rides, only RM10 per adult.

While browsing through the souvenirs stalls along the road, we spotted some magnets. Mom just love collecting magnets. Can't believe we haven't even bothered to collect them from each states(Mah sister got us some from the USA)! Now mom and I will be hunting for souvenir magnets from all over the states in Malaysia to complete the collection!

More traveling in future? That's gonna be awesome!!!

Here's the magnet we got. 3 for RM10. I chose the one on the right, a cute magnet of a double story baba and nyonya house or shop house, I'm not sure. Mom chose the rest.


  1. Looks like you had an awesome time! Happy Chinese New Year Viv! Hope it's not too late. Hehe.

    I love the bedroom! So Japanese-ey! Oh yeah, my mom is a fridge-magnet addict too. :P

  2. Thank you!!! You're still early. CNY isnt over yet until the 15th day in the Chinese Calendar. And hell yeah, how couldn't it be awesome? I travelled the entire west Semenanjung Msia, except Perlis during the first couple days of CNY!! Oooh~~ btw, not mah bedroom ,(>v<,) It's my aunt's house in Johor actually ;P Fridge-magnet addicts? awesome & hi5!!!


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