Sunday 4 February 2024

January diaries | jhumka shopping at Bricksfield is so underrated 😍

January in Kuala Lumpur is still buzzing with festivities as we celebrate Thaipusam and preparation for the Chinese New Year in full swing!

I went to Bricksfield to try out some lehenga and bought some jhumka (Hindi for earrings). I think Indian jewellery shopping is so underrated, at least from a different cultural POV. I had fun browsing through all the pretty accessories! Now my IG and Shopee history and recommendations are filled with jhumka, kurti, sarees, Indian necklaces and so many more! 🀣 Would recommend anyone to go jhumka shopping! 

I also made a shorts sharing the jhumkas I've bought here

Other than that I also spent time catching up and trying out new makan places with friends.

Btw, I made a collection of pretty Indian clothes and jewelleries hereπŸ‘‰ 

You can find it under the category "Fashionably India". I have other categories you may fond interesting too so do check it out!

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