Tuesday 2 January 2024

Goodbye 2023, Hello 2024!


I spent the last two weekends in December clearing the files on my phone and this vlog is one of the output LOL

December has been filled with festivities and tons of social get-togethers. This is truly the month for celebrations 🎊🎄🍾

I did most of the social gatherings at the start of the month so as to avoid the crowds or queues. True enough from friends and social media, everywhere is packed the past weeks. Even as I'm writing this I hear there are crowds ready to countdown!

2023 has been quite an adventure personally which is why vlogging has taken a few place down 🤐 Still, content creating has been fun and serves as a reminder for all the adventures and new things I've tried. Perhaps even something to reminisce in the future. I'm grateful of all the privileges I can enjoy while there are so many not so nice things happening in the world now.

I pray 2024 will be a better year for all 🙏🏻 Thank you and I wish everyone the bestest for the new year ❤


Sharing some of my hauls featured on this vlog. The first is from Bialetti Official Store on Shopee _ a Bialetti 3 cup moka pot in red from their Rainbow Collection and a gray-black thermos of the same brand.

In the vlog I mentioned that I was disappointed at how the moka pot came with torn packaging and super dusty. Still, it turned out to be in good condition so I didnt find a need to return it. So far I've used it and am satisfied. I have been wanting to get it but previously they retail at over RM200+ which is why I hesitated.

I wouldn't say it produces strong espresso_ I'm told the pressure bar of a mokapot is a fraction from a coffee machine. The coffee it produces is slightly stronger than made with my Daiso dripper obviously.

I'm actually interested to get the6 mokapot in Blue and Alpina (the one with unique shape) just for collection HAHAHAHA. I think the Paris version is nice too. Or the espresso maker. Or Bincoo "double valve" moka pot. Woops.

Hear me out tho! The 3-cup mokapot somehow IMO produces enough for 1-2. I want to share it with a bunch of friends so its either getting a larger one (like a 6-cup) or just get more than 1 in a different design LOL.  It'll be an interesting collection!

Update: I just checked the price and it's reverted to their original price of RM200++ *cry. So I guess you can reserve it for the next sale! I bought mine on 11.11 therefore the price.

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