Tuesday 12 December 2017

What I've been up to: Reuniting with friends & my Singapore travel buddy

Just a few stuff I want to document :)

#1 Cooking with my housemates

My new bunch of housemates cook a lot and so we decided cooking together would mean we could explore different recipes and at the same time, didn't have to store too much leftovers in the fridge :D

We tried making Indonesian-style ayam penyet and planning for nasi goreng next because I was telling my Indonesian housemate how I love the fried rice I tried in Nusa Penida. It so happen this simple dish is his favourite as well! So can't wait!!!!

#2 Omnomnom-ed the BEST cheesecake in Kuala Lumpur

Out of the blue, my bestie asked if I wanted to try a legendary cheesecake which of course I cannot say no to! Like come on, I SUPER LOVE cakes!!!! This is at the newly renovated Isetan Lot 10's The Tokyo Restaurant.

Aat Isetan Bukit Bintang, KL

This is by far one of the best cheese cakes I have but they sure are pricey for RM18 per slice! The kakigori was as expensive for a tiny portion. It tasted amazing but that's because I love mojito!

#3 Catching up with old buddies

Recently, I reconnected with my buddies from uni who has settled down in KL since she has been overseas for work so it was tough to arrange time to meet. That's what happens when everyone starts working :/ I'm just super glad they could make time to meet up! This was at Lala Chong Ara Damansara.

#4  Omnomnom-ed Durians

I MISSED DURIANS SO MUCHHH!!!! Been telling my friends I wanted to have them so badly, I finally make plans to have durians at SS2 LOL! Last weekend I am Musang King which was super fleshy and yummy and sometime this week and next (Maybe!) I'll have another session of durians buffet coming up. Yea, I'm that obsessed but that's because I haven't had any this year! 

#5 Going minimalist, slowly but surely!

For the past weeks, I have been putting aside and giving away clothings I have not been wearing. Even going to H&M to recycle some which I do not think can be worn.

As of now, I am trying to minimise my beauty and hair care products. I realised I didn't need 30+ makeup I do not frequently used, 100+ facial masks or 10 shampoos plus conditioner. I am super tempted to get hair masks because I heard they work better than conditioners/treatments and a whole lot other beauty products, but I'm trying to resist this! It's difficult but great for my purse LOL.

Of course, clothing shopping is another I have to deal with! I have a whole lot of things in my wish list but decided I should 1) Make use of what I already have and 2) Only buy items which I will surely wear a hundred times! For the same purpose, I have reduce my work wardrobe size to a minimal, just several I will wear and that definitely helps in reducing my time needed to choose something to wear for work!

#6 Reuniting with my new-found friend

Back at the crammed Singapore hostel I was staying, I clicked with Malu and we hung out together when we were exploring the city. So just yesterday she was around in KL and so I showed her around and we even had banana leaf rice in Bangsar! Then at night we had Arabian salad at my favorite spot in Bukit Bintang and more catch up which was great!

 So those are it! This coming weekend will be a bit to hanging out with the fam and it's my sis' BIG day!!!!! I've drafted my travel posts but didn't have the extra hours to load and then edit my photos. Guess it will be awhile before I post them... Sorry, peeps!

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