Wednesday 12 April 2017

Shawn Cutler, Bangsar Experience: Dyed my hair in two tone!

Hi y'all! Yesh, first half of 2017 gotta be Get Adventurous Hair Color period, yo! Decided to dye after the color from my last saloon trip faded. The color came off shockingly fast, I'm so disappointed! I dyed like the week before CNY, and after that the color went to very ashy, light brown that my friend calls me blondy LOL.

Dyed my hair at a different saloon. My initial choice was Number76 at Bangsar since I was there for an errand. Unfortunately, it was fully booked they weren't adding anyone into their wait list :/ So I went on random saloon checking and found a place I'm comfortable  _Shawn's Cutler.  While the saloon is full and they have a waiting list, I managed to get a seat not long after but still needed to wait for the stylists. 
Aside from being a saloon, this place offer manicure/pedicure sessions but these require bookings because they were full! FYI, if you didn't know (like me), a lot of saloons in Bangsar requires pre-bookings, so if you decided to walk it, you may not have much luck. I know right.

Let me just get into the before after dyeing my hair. 



I have layer this time to show off the colors

The color wasn't exactly like what I wanted since they didn't have pink but only violet or red dye that day. So after some consultation with the senior sylist/colorist, Wayne, I decided to go for the mahogany brown with red base for the back layer (which is originaly black) and brown with a mixture violet and red dyes on the top crown over the bleached area. While Wayne was my color consultant and the one who cut my hair, Fong and another helped apply the color.

Spent like 3 and a half hour to get this done which I think is still Ok, any longer I'll be dead bored. Not like I can read a book properly when I have two stylist tugging at my hair... My head and neck bloody hurts.......
Anyway, I was advised that the pink part will loose it's color in about two weeks, so sadddd T___T So this time, I waited three days before washing my hair. Surprisingly, the next few days, my hair felt clean so they didn't bother me much. 

For the sake of preserving the color a little bit longer, I bought a bottle of Midori's Advance Color Brilliant Shine shampoo and the Advance Color Brilliant Shine Masque from Hair Depot. Just started using it, crossing my finger it works!! At least so the color last for another week or two.

By the way, just crossed my mind I have not blogged about my Kuching travel from last month. After I returned to KL, the following weeks was so pack I barely able to take a breather! It was crazyyy! Plus I want to edit my videos (a lot of them) and post them together in my travelogue posts. Soon, I hope!

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