Sunday 5 March 2017

Post CNY & Valentine's Day

Hello people~!

I know it’s been a month since I last blogged (>.< ) Been in festive mood and then not in festive mood because my holidays got cut short because I had to get back to KL to work. After that I’ve been on lazy mode because it has been my work peak season while on weekends I have been doing my social catch ups with my buddies plus shopping (I’ve been shopping like crazy!)

Anyway, I know it’s a tad too late but I do hope everyone had an amazing Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day!

Myself, CNY was awesome (before it was cut short because P1 Internet was not working at home. Brilliant!) and my family had our first CNY 8-Course meal! No, it is not our family culture for CNY bu this year we were expecting special guests. Dad was like, since you children are paying, we (mom) eat for free and laughed cheekily. Us siblings went harharhar. Purse was bleeding wth ( ≧∇≦ )

So here are photos of our 8-course meals (Missing the dessert tho).

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia with yee sang

After tossing the yee sang~

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

celebrating 2017 Chinese New Year in Malaysia

After that we went around Penang Island to show out guests our favorite rendezvous.

Not a trip is complete without trying the Assam Laksa. A lot of shops were still close for CNY so we settled for the one in Balik Pulau.

Also ordered nutmeg juice, a specialty in Penang.

Freshly juiced, yo!

~ ~

On CNY eve, mom cooked a bunch of food like every other years. Ate all the yummy food before I got shipped back. It really was too bad I didn't get to stay long enough for steamboat (๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)


and ginger longan tea which I'm so hooked!

On another day we went to Gurney Drive for tea time. Had a bunch of stuff including pasembor, Muar Chee, rojak, ikan bakar and two bottles of lychee with soy milk curd.

then temple visiting at night~

~ ~

As of now, I’m also occupied planning my 2017 Cuti Cuti Asia trip (That’s what happened when you’re the planner among your friends)!

When it comes to travel, this year I'm expecting a lot of firsts!! First time visiting Kuching, Bali, Bangkok and Australia. And of course, first time flying to so many places in a year! I’m thinking about learning basic Indonesian language which won’t be much issue, I hope, since it’s quite similar to Bahasa Malaysia then attend local cooking classes in Kuching and Bali and learn how to surf (those are the plans as of now) ! I find myself needing to get out there and learn new skills now that I stopped going to Japanese classes *sad*

Unfortunately, because of all this Cuti Cuti Asia plan, I had to postphone Japan trip _ AGAIN _ for many reasons. One already planning to visit countries around Asia and another having made a promise to meet up with my long time friend in Australia this year. On the bright, fun-est and best-est parts are I get to travel to meet my dear longtime friend and with BFF in my other Asian countries adventure!

Life is AWESOME!!!

In case you’re thinking why the fuck I can afford to go to this many places, am I filthy rich? I wish but not just yet, this time I’m going on a super tight budget with this many places on my list. Thankfully, the places I’m going are rather affordable and I managed to find an awesome flight promo! Comment below if you want me to tell y’all my secret to be able to travel to all these places!

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