Sunday 16 October 2016

my birthday celebrations, a random adventure in Kanching Falls and a wedding

Hello people~! I know I had neglected my blog for a few weeks now. Got caught up with work which is obviously my main priority and after that I had to study for my language test which I passed, which means another level up YAYYYY!

From the title you might have guessed what's this post about. Thought I should fill you on what I've been up to when I wasn't busy LOL. 

Last month, I turned 26! Despite all the hectic-ness at work, my friends made sure I celebrated my birthday, which was super nice of them :D I'm usually not the type to bother about my own birthday nor appreciate surprises but I liked them. Mostly because I get to spend amazing time with two group of friends turn awesome buddies which made it wayyy more enjoyable! Though there were a number of drinking session which definitely is a new personal record LOL. Yeah, I'm not one who find pleasure in alcohol.

In the first outing, we had our dinner in this cafe-bar place called Uncle Don's. Handsdown they're my new favorite spot. The food was absolutely delicious!

The place was so packed luckily a friend was there earlier to reserve seats for us, else it would have been quite a wait. They also served mocktails with rather amusing names. We had this S*x on the beach and Margarita. They tasted amazingly disgusting IMO tho my friends loved it. Closet alcoholics.

On my next meetup with another group of friends, we had Shabu Shabu before heading to this amazing bar, I-don't-remember-the-name Bosko that serves like, 15 types of Mohitos which is one of my newfound favorite alcoholic beverages because it's pretty much lime-y and sweet. Nothing too disgusting hahahah. But this one way quite rum-y it was quite rum-y so meh.

Shabu shabu dinner~

My mohito~

Oh, I almost forgot! The place serve this pretty amazing drink called Flaming Lamborghini on the house for birthday people and it was such an amazing experience. Luckily I had my guy friends helped me drink part most of them cause it tasted too sweet to my liking. I just pretended to drink along hahahahahah. Didn't have a pic cause we had to drink it as soon as it was lighted and flowing.

Also got this brownie from them and they were nice to add the firework sorta candle on top LOL

Dearest Cherlyn got me this Shiroi Koibito and Gummy Choco as prezzies sweeeeet!!

~ ❤ ~

Later that weekend I had potluck party among my language exhanged friends and I made this Kek Batik which turned out to be quite a hit and because of that I couldn't take a decent photo of my masterpiece LOL

This is my kek batik LOL

~ ❤ ~

Fast forward to just last weekend, my friend decided to go on this random waterfall hike at Kanching Falls and invited me along. It was quite a long ride from the city but we were super excited and energized when we arrived. That didn't last too long for me tho WTF. 

We hiked up the like, five flight of uneven stairs and just the second flight of stairs I was heaving and sweating, needing to stop. Was so embarrassed of my level of stamina.. 

Nature's stairs

Along the way up, we passed by several waterfalls. I was quite amazed that there were quite a number of levels of waterfalls. It's my first really, to hike by the waterfalls. 

One of the level we passed by~ The waterfall is spectacular!

We stopped at the fifth level, as there was no one and thus more privacy before taking a long, nice dip in the pool which initially appeared shallow but we were surprise to find it's quite the opposite.

The water was super cool and refreshing! Can't get enough of all the dipping!

Afterwards we had some nice Chinese dinner before heading back. Nice day, I would say. Would definitely love to do more hiking~~~ Gahh I'm already missing the place.

~ ❤ ~

And now, fast forward to just yesterday, my former colleague got married and held the ceremony in their new love nest LOL. Super happy for this lucky couple!


It's a garden theme wedding so the whole place is decorated with flowers including this table center piece.

Those are what I've been up to! If you're interested in what makeup I was using, don't forget to checkout my next post! I'll be listing them down~~

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