Saturday 6 August 2016

Pokemon Go now in Malaysia~!

Gotta give Niantec a huge hug and lots of kisses for bringing Pokemon Go to Malaysia! My prayers have been answered! LOL. I was really eager to play it and been reading about it!

Pokemon Go Malaysia In the Pokemon World

My first Pokemon? A Pikachu.

Cause that's the dream! Here's how to get it: When you are presented with your first 3 Pokemon _ Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle_ simple walk around ignoring these and you'll find a Pikachu among the choices minutes later! I was presented with my Pikachu just after my 15 minutes walk around the neighbourhood!

If you didn't get Pikachu, fear not. I caught another in my next 1-hour stroll around the park! Talk about fruitful day in the Pokemon World.

Pikachu Pokemon Go Malaysia

Now where do I find Squirtle to complete my basic Pokemon team like Ash Ketchum's...

On the launch day (yesterday), after lunch I immediately head to the nearest park. It was a place I've been wanting to drop by and finally I found a reason to hahahahha

So at the end of day 1, after two trips to the park (which took about 1 and a half hour), four incenses, close to 80 Pokeballs, a lure at the mamak in the heart of Kuala Lumpur that attracted a cp272 Tangela thanks to an awesome friend, several transfers to the professor, I have seen 30 different Pokemons, 2 of which escaped (darn it!), evolved a Pidgey into a Pidgeotto and hatched a Charmander, finally figure out how to throw a curveball and joined Team Valor!

Pokemon Go Malaysia

Even caught a Bulbasaur right after I spotted a clan of Bulbasaur camouflaging in the real world! No kidding!

Bulbasaur in hiding! Pokemon Go Malaysia

So the next time you see these plants, watch out for Bulbasaur! You're welcome. LOL.

Saw quite a number of people hanging around in the park with their eyes glues on their phone screen LOL. I too was walking around randomly and must have looked really suspicious to this one old man hanging around fishing. He must have been wondering why I've been hanging around beside the pond and why was there more visitors in the park LOL.

In some way Pokemon Go also bring people together IMO. One time I overheard this one dude bombarding his friend with, "Look, she's standing there", "There is a Pokemon", "What is it" to which I replied, "It's a bulbasaur." He was like, OK hahahahahha. Must've thought I didn't hear him or understand him LOL. Mamak session after the meetup I have this evening was fun because there were a number of people playing Pokemon Go as well so we sorta clicked. Then we noticed the people at the table beside us too was playing Pokemon Go. They probably got quite a few interesting catch because one of my newfound friend put a lure nearby.

Super fun day 1!

I found out a few things like that you can catch Pokemon on the train. Aha. Caught Clefairy and a few others. The mall too! I caught quite a number of Nidoran in Nu Sentral and Zubat in Nu Sentral.

Watcha doing in the train Polyway?

Pokemon Go Malaysia

Some of my catch today~

Pokemon Go Malaysia   Pokemon Go Malaysia

This one got away super unfortunately.... #PokemonTrainerStressFactor  *plays Katy Perry's The One that Got Away*

Pokemon Go in Malaysia

Can't wait for what's in store today!

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