Saturday 12 March 2016

Eyes Coffret 1 Day UV: Base Make Review

Hello people~!

Missed a blog post last week, gomen ne. It's the peak period at work and there were so-o many things going on past Saturdays I didn't have time to blog. On top of that, I have quite a  number of videos I haven't edited from CNY to the recent Bunkasai I attended last Saturday. These will take some time to complete but I have posted a short video last week taken from the time my friends and I explored a new restaurant.

As for today I'm gonna share with you this one contact lens brand I bought recently _ Eye Coffret in Base Make. I bought this together with and Eye Coffret in Rich Make for RM90 from Paris Miki. However, today's review is just for Base Make's lenses because I haven't got the chance to try the other yet (I just bought them last week!).

Eye Coffret Base Make12

There were 3 different designs to choose from but I only got the brown color lenses because I'm no fan of black lens :/


Just out of curiosity, I didn't really notice before but do Japanese have black or brown eyes or both? I mean, like why are they calling the black-color one 'Natural Make'? Any Japanese reading my blog? LOL




Eye Coffret is something I've been considering of getting for awhile now but only decided to get because I wanted to wear for Bunkasai which I attended last weekend. Didn't want to wear my specs then.

I'm actually no fan of spectacles because they hurt my ears and leave marks on the bridge of my nose and so I can't wear it for long. I still wear it because I've been lazy to go contact lens shopping. Also, now that I'm working, I want a color contact lens that is natural-looking (if not no color ones), nothing too 'gyaru' nor super enlarging.

I found several from international online site selling some Korean brand that looks really pretty but unfortunately they don't ship to Malaysia. Also I'm still waiting for Lena Fuji's RichBaby Lenses to be distributed in Malaysia, else I better faster plan a trip to Japan and go conquer Donki's contact lens section wth.

Eye Coffret Base Make2


Back to Eye Coffret! Each boxes consist of 10 pieces of lens and each for one day use only. I'm loving their simple packaging. Here are the close ups.

Eye Coffret Base Make closeup
I wore the Base Make lens for the event but it didn't turn up as what I was expecting. I wanted a brown lens that turn up lighter on my irises but instead it looked just like my natural eyes. It's not completely a bad thinglah, my friends didn't even notice I was wearing colored contacts. They were just wondering what's different hahaha.

Though I would really like something with a lighter color. Or something like my mom's. She has really beautiful, bright eyes _ black tea sorta dark brown color. I guess I didn't get that particular gene from her. But I still have pretty dark brown irises LOL, people tell me they look unique.

This is how the lenses look like on me. My eyes are sparkling LOL


Eye Coffret 1 Day UV in Base Make

(It's not very obvious because it's a far shot but I am making a mental reminder for myself to take a close up shot the next time I wear it. Will post it up here.)

With a diameter of 12.8mm these lenses have slight enlarging effect. Here's a pic I took that night without one lens. Can you tell which side of my eyes without the lens?

Eye Coffret 1 Day UV in Base Make

The one on the left is without the lens and vice versa.

It really is tough to tell the difference unless you look into my eyes closely (in real life) LOL.

Anyway, these lens are awesome! I got it inside my eyes without much problems and they feel really soft. My eyes didn't feel painful or dry even though I wore it over 13 hours! As the name suggested, this lens also function to help protect your eyes from harmful UV rays! Pretty awesome stuff here, I would say.

Overall, I'm satisfied with my purchase and if there's any complain, it's just the color. Still, definitely recommendable if you're a fan of natural colored contact lens. Can't wait to try the Rich Make lens soon! And maybe after that buy more contact lens wth. My obsession with contact lens is back hahaha

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