Saturday 6 February 2016

i vlogged : weekend The Forum KL cafe hangout~!

Hello people~!

I made another video here. Recorded from 2 weekends ago when my friends and I hung out at The Forum Cafe.

Actually, have another version of this video with my friends in it but this one it's just me because I don't think my friends want to have their face published LOL. I did shared with them the other version and one of them liked it. I too, liked that one better, it's a shame I couldn't share with you :(

Besides this video, I have another video unedited which I initially want to have it published together but it took me longer than expected just to edit this one video OMG. So that will have to wait until after CNY. On top of that, I am planning to shoot another vlog tomorrow and during CNY, so look forward to it OK! (*°▽°*)♪

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