Sunday 12 July 2015

just finished my exam~!

taking exam~~

↑my sitting area in the exam hall

Yes~!ヽ(*⌒∇⌒*)ノ Just completed my JLPT N3 exam last week so I have slightly more time on my hands right now. So happy I'm able to check this off my to do list. For now. Result will be out around September so if I fail, I'd prolly to resit in December fml.

While it did went quite OK, I'm not entirely sure I'll pass because my classes up to the time I sat for the exam definitely haven't prepare me enough IMO. So that was why months before the exam I had to put in extra effort to cram in extra vocabs, grammar rules and kanjis into my head so much one week before the exam I just can't bring myself to flip through my revision book. Or even if I do, I'm just staring blankly into the pages. Brain fried (¬º-°)¬

So for the past few days, just taking some well-deserved break.

And yesterday my friend and I randomly decided to hang around KLCC to check out the book fair though we didn't get any. We're guilty for buying too many books but don't read them *sigh* These days I try not to buy new books/toys/anything unless I have checked off what on my existing to do lists first #2015goals

When it gets darker, we hung around KLCC's Symphony Lake just to enjoy the water fountains display. At night, the fountains are lighted up, programmed to perform in different motions which I find rather entertaining. Damn suapakkau wth but I like it~♪

Also I just got to know from a friend that they actually have the water fountain symphony where the fountain animation and lightings are synchronized with the music played. We managed to catch the show yesterday yayyy (*⌒∇⌒*)v

The timelapse I got of the fountain some other time~

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