Sunday 5 April 2015

The Saem Mask Review

Helloo~! Back with a quick review on some facial masks from a brand called The Saem. It's a Korean brand mask and I got the chance to try it since a friend gave some to me yayy (*⌒∇⌒*)

I am not sure whether you can find these particular The Saem's Natural Tox masks range in Malaysia since she got them overseas. Apparently you can buy the masks and other quality beauty products there in bulk for really affordable price! So awesome right. I guess the only way now to get your hands on this mask is either online or travel to Korea.

Oh, but I notice several online shops like Hermo carries The Saem's G-Dragon masks range but goodness they're so pricey! (X Д X)

The Saem Natural-Tox (Fig)

The Saem Natural-Tox (Fig)

Maybe it'll be a while before the range I'm sharing today will be available in Malaysia but still I think it's worth sharing about this mask because I tried it and love what it does to my skin! Aside from good moisturizing effect, my skin feels really supply and radiant the next day. You can definitely feel the difference it does to your skin.

I actually didn't notice that they were using the fruit-scented until I tried the banana one. Thought they're just random chemical scent added since I never knew how fig smell like before wth

The Saem Natural-Tox (Banana)

The Saem Natural-Tox (Banana)

Packaging wise, they're really nice but the mask sheets were surprisingly thin its no wonder there're just so much of the essence left in the pack. And they get messy too because they're very runny but otherwise, the masks work just great.

I'm contemplating on trying The Saem's G-Dragon range since it's about RM16 each.. Anyone tried them before and are they really worth the price?

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