Tuesday 1 July 2014

On a blogging hiatus, see you after my Japan trip!

Sorry for the lack of updates here. Most of the time I'm stuck at home studying for the upcoming JLPT which falls this Sunday so I didn't want to bore you with details of my studies stuff.

And then, next weekend, I'll be in Japan!!!

Finally (T▽T /)

Though just for a short 4 days (T___T ) BUT OF COURSE I wish to go to Japan again and again after this trip for the sakura in spring and to "conquer all of Japan" as a friend put it. Fingers crossed.

But getting back to making plans for my maiden AND solo trip to Japan, it can be so frustrating to plan on my own! Mostly because I'm worried I'll end up getting lost and then forgetting my Japanese at times I'd need them... If it's me, it's possible *awkward laugh*

So yes, trying to make sure I know where I'm getting and brushing on basic Japanese at the same time. Will only be back blogging after the trip and I'm definitely blogging about Japan, so wait for it!

~ ♥ ~

That aside, I am organizing My First Double Giveaway and if you want to be one of the two lucky winners for the awesome heels, do participate. Details are as in the link. I will be announcing the winners after I get back!

Till then, jya ne~ (*´∀`*)οΎ‰


  1. Can't wait for your Japan blogs! Have a great time :)

  2. Thank you~! Will do (>vO)v

    And you, good luck with getting ready for the big day there~~ (^o^ /)

  3. Have an amazing time in Japan, looking forward to seeing your Japan posts!


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