Sunday 23 February 2014

Saturday Hangout @Bulgogi Brothers~

(Intermission before my next review post hahaha)

Spent my entire Saturday with housemates at Mid Valley just chatting and shopping( ⌒o⌒ ) Went for lunch at Bulgogi Brothers'~ Usually would go for Japanese but my friends are hardcore Kpop/Kdrama fans so we had Korean LOL Also since I haven't been there before.

BBQ and sides~ (Photos courtesy from housemates LOL)

#KoreanFood #Hangout

Also ordered the Beef Bibimbap for 3 of us to share~ Super nais!!

#KoreanFood #Hangout

The waiters there helped us prepare our BBQ (・∀・)~❤

#KoreanFood #BulgogiBrothers

*sizzle sizzle*

#KoreanFood #BulgogiBrothers

#KoreanFood #BulgogiBrothers

After we nom-ed everything, the waiter recommended us to try Korean ice creams. So nais one the service! My housemate told me it was the first time they were served ice creams despite having frequent the place themselves. So I got lucky LOL

Chose this Lotte watermelon ice cream~ Never tried watermelon one before this one so yummy!

#Lotte Ice Cream #Korean

Somemore in the shape of a sliced of watermelon with chocolate bits for seeds whytheheck they don't have these in convenience stores in Malaysia? Unforgivable! If you're at Bulgogi Brothers' go try them. Other options are chocolate nougat and melon flavor.

~ ♥ ~

#Saturday #MOTD with pink color eyeshadow and Geo Princess Mimi in Sesame Gray~


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