Tuesday 5 March 2013

2013 UNMC Bunkasai~

(,●⌒∇⌒●)/ Ohai~~ Today I'm blogging about my short trip to KL last week~ I took the train down specifically to attend my uni's Japanese Society's annual event_ BUNKASAI! This year marks the 3rd annual Bunkasai!

I'm one proud
obaba kaichouヽ(;▽;)ノ

Suria KLCC

↑ Scenery taken from Kinokuniya, Suria KLCC. Was there to kill some time the day before the event.

Some of the photos I took from the day of the event itself:

Banner and poster for the event~ I LOVE the 'fan' idea a lot!! Very creative!

Meet the 3 generations of kaichou here!

Oh, thiswasnotintheplan but I find myself wearing this badge that day(=v=)

The other dudes who's in charged with the booth that day. Candid photos of them haha

Merchandise booth next door~

Got mahself a meme badge (≥v≤)

There were stage performances too. The committees decorated the lecture hall with loads of teru teru bozu. So cute one!!

And thanks to them, it didn't rain that day but the weather turned out so hot (≥A≤)

The performance started off with some of the members performing the traditional Souran Bushi. That was the only show I got to watch that day...

Somehow, I got dragged into doing it too for demo. Not the most convenient moves to perform in a skirt... Now I know how to perform the chorus section *proud*


I found a photo of me performing the demo that day on the uni's Photograpy Society fb page. 95% of me is hidden behind_thank god. At least I won't be seen in an awkward position..


You can view more photos of cosplayers who took part in the cosplay competition and scenes around the festivals taken by members of the NPS fb page!

After the demo, I had to rush next door to help put on yukatas for the 'models' for the next stage show somemore. Busy, busy.

Also, a pic of my friend in a costume and I. Kakkoi!!

Nexto! Here's what they have at the food stalls~

And another year of Daten Cafe!

A maid & a butler preparing food and drinks for ojousama and goshuujinsama.



There was a obake uchi(haunted house) too. I missed it last year so decided to check it out. It was quite fun and I find me scaring the shit out of myself before the 'ghosts' do... (,TOT,) Can't help it since that was my first time going into a haunted house...

I heard rumor a guy actually passed out in the room. And then while I was in charged with the booth with friends, we heard a guy shriek from inside the haunted house. Was laughing LOL. Gotta laugh at other people 'misery'.

Overall, it was another amazing year of Bunkasai! Everyone worked hard nee~ For that,

hontou ni, ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU!!~♡ Soshite, hontou ni otsukaresama deshita!!

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